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    Kid anxiety to school

    How bad was the fall? Maybe can invite the boy to shake her hand so she can ease off her fear?
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    GEP (Gifted Education Programme)

    If your daughter enjoy learning and passed the GEP test without going through any prep, then why not give her a chance to try it out. But I think you do need to check how your daughter feel about changing to another school. P4 can try to learn handle herself, especially yours is a girl. With...
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    Changes in household with two under 3 years old

    have to let go, else we will go crazy :) jia you
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    Changes in household with two under 3 years old

    if u are getting a helper, i think best to have her here before u give birth. that way, u n ur no. 1 will have time to get use to her, u have time to teach ur helper n u save the money for the confinement nanny. helper can help take care of the bb under ur watch. if u worry about confinement...
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    Do not wish to divorce but was force to

    it must be hard on u all these years. luckily ur mum is there for u. ur husband must be the 顾家kind, that's y he is feeling torn now and probably sorry for his parents. this kind of guy, unfortunately, usually don't know how to take care of his own family at first. he now must have know how...
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    Anti-Blue Light Spectacle or Screen Protector

    Hi hi, Can anyone share your experience with me on the anti-blue light spectacle? Those that filter off the harmful blue ray. I'm considering should I get anti blue light spectacle or screen protector for my son. I'm concerned if I get the anti blue light spectacle for him, everything he...
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    True Story of a real case of how I fell

    meowie, It is very touching to see that you and your husband can walk through the difficulties you faced and both of you are so strong to be able to hold on to each other in those times. Sadly, not everyone can. DunGiveUpSelf, hasn't finish his story, lets wait for it.
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    Petty husband

    I think it really depends on individual couples' comfort zone. I personally cannot take half half. I prefers he takes care of certain items like utitlities bills and instalments while I take care of household expenses. But that was a long time ago. Now, I have no income everything he pays...
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    Preparing for Primary 1-2008 Babies!

    I personally prefer school to be near to my house. Either walking distance or kids can take public transport home easily on their own. It is very taxing to ferry them to and fro especially if you have 2 or more kids.
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    Child having problem with languages

    sigh,,,,same here. Mine han yu pin yin oso not strong :( Not sure if I should still insist on teaching him myself or should give up and send him for tuition?
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    Advise on lunch box

    Hi mummies, I will like my boys to bring lunch to school when they stayed back for CCA. I want something compact so it won't occupy much space in classroom, and able to keep the food (eg rice, noddle) warm. I am also looking for something easy to manipulate cos boys are ........ I search...
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    Hubby is heart broken now 老公说他心碎了

    Lei Lei, I had been through that. My husband complaint that I didn't care about him, never show care for him, that I only care about my son. And I got frustrated with him when he wanted to chat with me or wanted to get intimate with me. I was anxious that my son would wake up from nap and I...
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    2005 kids in Primary School

    Hi mummies, My son is in P1 this year, and I will like to see if any mummies here will like to chat and share about their new journey here.
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    (2010/05) May 2010 mtb

    hi a_r, Me, passer-by [IMG=] Don't mind me kpo here. Maybe he is seeking your attention or he is simply tired? Probably best is to check with the teachers in CC. Sometimes, the teachers can help to observe and suggest...