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    Hurt and lost

    Wake up..!!
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    Cheating Wife

    I agreed with pandakj.. dnt drag any longer. Set yourself free asap.
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    Life after divorce - what is it like?

    Hi Hopeless lost, there is no meaning to your marriage life. Do go file for divorce. Why should you suffer with what your hubby is giving to you. Since he said ..he got something for his collague.. good luck to him..serve him with your papers and let him continue to feel his something for his...
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    I am a guy, same like you.. still hating my ex wife... not sure when this hate will fade off..
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    Divorce - HDB Matters

    Check your cpf property statement to know how much was used would need to pay back the amount as well as interest. How many times have you taken HDB property loan ?
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    Wife wanted to divorce me

    HI TS, Do you know your wife spending habit when dating ? I do hope those CC are not your sub cards.. She seems a changed person already and sorry to say..she has moved on..filling for separation likely due to the BTO being only 1 year..cant sell. Sorry to say.. nowadays .the word "divorce"...
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    Dating after divorce

    TS... there are many Super Heroes here from all walks of life.
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    Dating after divorce

    TS, Griefing over the lost of wife less than 1 year..sounds still short to me. You should give him more time since u know about his case when you "boyfriended" him and accepted this new relationship. He needed emotional suppoort..n you will there to give. I still feel he may not be ready to...
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    Looking for new life

    After living for half of your life you think by divorcing would get what you wanted ? I presume is to find someone and get old with ?
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    Life after divorce - what is it like?

    Carefree in the mind will be goood...
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    Life after divorce - what is it like?

    Karma is one thing which i ageed with Veletgal. Let the karma works itself out. Most yourself from those vines. Scars will never heal.. Reborn with a fresh start. Make new memories.. fill them as times goes by. Is never too late. Take the first step out.
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    Looking for new life

    Men and women never know this.. Thats why published...Men are from Mars.. Women from Venus book. Maybe the poly or University in future should have some teaching to prevent more "D"
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    Looking for new life

    I think is not just common activities but expectations of each other. As times goes by, certain things changes it can be a new added member to the family or change in jobs etc Knowing to juggle and maintain would be tough and is not for short a long term commitment. I always give...
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    single mum going for another relationship?

    Yes...but has also a weak side.. is not easy to be strong.