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    Cycle day 34 still no symptoms of period

    I just saw and read it. Congratulations ! :)
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    Cycle day 34 still no symptoms of period

    Hihi, I am someone with irregular period. I'm on day 47, no pregnancy symptoms, tested negative on day 45. My period can be as long as 50 days. Not sure if this info is helpful for you :/
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    Birth Control pills

    I have been taking yasmin for 4 years, no side effect. Better complexion, Regular and light period.Sometimes I missed pills (forgot to bring pills when travelling), I will stopped for a month. When I stopped taking pills, my crazy mood swing came back, pimples popped up...
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    List of things to buy for new baby

    Thanks for sharing !
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    TTC in 2018

    Hi all, recently my husband shows an excitement on the idea of having his own baby.But I am in dilemma. I had serious mood swing if I am not in BCP or if I am pregnant. In 2013, I got pregnant and we were unmarried, still in our early 20s. It was quite a happy experience, especially when...
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