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    TTC Group Chat

    Hi! i would like to join the grpchat too
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    Fertility doctors - Dr Roland Chieng or Dr LC Foong?

    Hi! Dr roland is my fertility doc. He is v straight forward kind. so he will just tell you can or cannot. He told me i will confirm pregnant with IVF and i did 1 cycle with him. 1st trf i was preg shortly mc. 2nd trf i trf 2 embryo and succeeded. Now my baby is already 11mths old. So, if u...
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    anyone letting go letrozole

    Hi! i would like to get letrozole pills if anyone is letting go. My gynae only prescribe me with clomid but i am not responding well with it.
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    Trying to Conceive 2019

    hello! i would like to join the grpchat too
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    For conceiving, warming up the womb.

    hi pls pm me. thks
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    Trying to conceive 2020

    i see! i wean off as my boy dont really like latching on and i want my menses to return soon so i can try for 2nd one. im also having irregular menses due to pcos.
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    Fertility massage

    hi can pm me? thks!
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    Trying to conceive 2020

    i also just stop breastfeeding and not yet gonna my first menses. wanna try for 2nd baby too. wonder how long we have to wait for menses to b back?
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    Trying to conceive 2020

    hi! can pm me the contact as well?
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    Fertility massage

    hi pls pm me
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    Mdm Valencia Tan - Reiki Healing

    is mdm tan still doing healing? im keen too.
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    I am week 7 cannot hear heartbeat

    Hi, i am in a smiliar situation like yours previously. 6 weeks doc say bb heartbeat is too slow. 7 weeks have no heartbeat and i am doing a natural miscarriage. Try to talk to your baby and rest more. Hope for miracle!
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    Support group - Miscarriages

    Hi ruby! When do you start drinking tian yuan xiang chicken essence? U took the pregnancy one after its clear? Im doing a natural miscarriage now so i wonder when can i start drinking chicken essence. Your menses is regular for the 1st cycle?
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    Support group - Miscarriages

    Hi all. I got a question. If i am to do natural miscarriage when should i start my mini confinement? Should i start when the flow finish or once the flow start i should start doing confinement?
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    Me too. Just pm you