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October 2018

Best Escape Room Games in Singapore for Families and Kids

Escape room games are a great way to spend some quality time with the kids and bond as a family. And you get to make use of those rusty brain cells too!

Escape room games are great fun for the whole family. For an hour or so, you get to put reality aside and be transported into a magical world where you band together, decipher clues, and solve a puzzle. The good news? There are plenty of family-friendly escape rooms out there, so your young ones can join in the fun. Do note that children under 12 years have to be accompanied by an adult (call up to confirm). Let’s get cracking!


1. Xcape

Xcape bills itself as the first, largest and most popular reality room escape game in Singapore. Here, you’ll get to pick from 11 different themed rooms. If you are with young children, we’d recommend Kung Fu Panda X: Revenge of Tai Lung (this has great reviews on TripAdvisor) or Upside Down, if they like Harry Potter.If you’re here with more people, opt for Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, or Chamber of Secrets games, which cater to larger groups.

2. Room Raider

There are four different escape rooms at this POMO outlet — The Crypt (archaeological-themed), Mission Missile (sci-fi themed), Trials X (sci-fi themed), and Code Name: Invasion (space-themed). While there is no age restriction, Room Raider recommends that participants under 12 years old are accompanied by adults. Room Raider also offers escape quests, which take place at various locations within Singapore. Here’s how it works: game players receive real-time challenges, puzzles and clues which lead to different “pit-stops”. Players have to work together as a team to complete the objective set for the game. With kids, we’d recommend Pirates of the Caribbean: Port Singapore, which will take you around the Esplanade, Marina Bay, and Fullerton Bay.

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3. Trapped


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If you’re on the hunt for an escape room which will let the whole family (even the grandparents!) get in on the action, this is it. The escape rooms over at Trapped don’t just cater to young kids – they’re also accessible for older folks. None of the rooms require participants to do strenuous physical activity, neither do they contain dangerous props. What’s offered here? Escape From The Mental Ward (90% difficulty), Purge Night (83% difficulty), and Escape From Pulau Tekong (93% difficulty).

4. Lockdown

Lockdown has two locations and plenty of family-friendly escape games, making it a popular choice amongst parents with younger children. Two of its mainstays include Bears Of Justice (you save the day after a super villain plants a bomb in a nuclear facility) and Beary Potter and the Secret Doors (make your way out of a maze within the compounds of your wizarding school). Older kids may prefer the Abandoned Mine, a VR escape room that challenges you to escape a black rock mine after a landslide. The minimum age is 13 years for unaccompanied teens, but children seven years old and above can participate as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult.

5. Captivate

Captivate is a chain of escape rooms from Melbourne that has recently made its way to our sunny shores. If you’re coming with young children, and you don’t want anything too challenging, try Kellar’s Magic Emporium, which has an escape rate of 70% (unassisted) and 95% (with hints). In this game, participants are short-listed for the role of Magician Kellar’s stage assistant, and they’ll have to solve a series of puzzles to prove their worth. Psst: the escape games at Captivate last 75 minutes. Factoring in buffer time for questions, stashing away your belongings, and photos, you should allocate 90 minutes per game in total.

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6. Escape Hunt


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Escape Hunt is one of the largest escape room game franchises in the world, with a presence in 25 countries including Australia, Belgium, France, and Germany. While the minimum age to participate is seven years old, the games here seem to cater more for older kids. Hence we think this will be a better fit for children who are 12 years and above. Choose from The Secret Assignment (where you are a secret agent who has to infiltrate a business mogul’s office in order to stop the nuclear war that he’s planning to launch), The Whitechapel Murder (you play a detective who investigates the killings of Jack The Ripper), and 27 Club (you are a famous rock star who has to figure out why your musician counterparts like Jimmy Hendrix, Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain all died tragically at the age of 27). Escape Hunt also provides period costumes, so bring your cameras – you can dress up after your game and snap a few pictures!

Escape from the Usual!

Don’t want to bring your kids to Universal Studios Singapore or Sentosa yet again? Book a slot at one of the escape rooms in Singapore – your kids will enjoy themselves tremendously, and they’ll sharpen their creative thinking and problem-solving skills at the same time. It’s a win-win!


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Best Escape Room Games in Singapore for Families and Kids