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December 2013

Editor’s Picks – Dec 2013

A selection of good things in stores and out there for mums, kids, and all who are young at heart!
Focus Pilates


Prenatal Pilates at Focus Pilates

Your body goes through amazing changes when you are pregnant, adjusting and developing to accommodate your baby’s growth. Performing exercises during pregnancy gives a pregnant woman a boost in her energy levels and self-esteem while improving her muscle strength and endurance needed for labour and delivery, says Dr Dr Ann Tan, a gynaecologist and obstetrician in private practice. “I personally benefitted from Pilates post pregnancy but I feel my patients will benefit more than I did especially if they had they learnt it antenatally,” she told us.

So preggie mums, if you’re inspired to keep fit for the babe (and for yourself!) head on down to Focus Pilates. It’s the largest integrated Pilates studio and physiotherapy clinic in South East Asia, with specially-designed Prenatal classes for expectant mums. These target specific areas which need strengthening and toning and improving posture and alignment, making Pilates an ideal fitness option during pregnancy. Two centrally-located studios (in Raffles Place and Orchard) make every commute to class easy-peasy (important when you’re bringing a blooming stomach along)!

Until the end of January 2014, SingaporeMotherhood readers who sign up for a Prenatal Package will also receive one additional complimentary prenatal group class! State “SingaporeMotherhood” when you sign up.



JoLauren Baby Skin Care and Bath

Safe enough to eat, gentle enough for baby’s skin. That’s what Jo Lauren Baby Skin Care and Bath — the first 100% food-grade ingredients baby skin care and bath collection — is all about. Singaporean mompreneur Jolene Liow originally wanted to launch a skin care line for women. But when her daughter Lauren got eczema, Jolene, who has experience in the skin care industry, decided to focus on healing her baby’s rash instead.

Six months later, Jo Lauren was born. What started as a remedy for Lauren’s eczema has developed into line of eight fragrant products that work like a dream for babies and toddlers. Their secret? 100% Food-Grade Ingredients with no preservatives or toxins. “Babies have more fat under the skin than adults do,” says Jolene. “So their skin may absorb lipid-soluble harsh chemicals or toxins more easily.”

What we like: the Baby Miracle Balm ($13.90), with organic calendula and plantain leaves, and elderberry extract for anti-microbial and potent antioxidant protection. Applied every day for less than two months, this helped Lauren’s eczema fully recover, without scars. Other products in the range include Baby Colloidal Oatmeal Bath Bags ($19.90), foamy castile washes and massage oils.

Try it! Get 10% off your purchase at Jo Lauren. Just key in the code “SingaporeMotherhood” at checkout. This offer is valid till end-January 2014.

Corelle Cherish (1)


Corelle Cherish

As all domestic goddesses know, a true gastronomic event must satiate both palate and soul. It’s vital to plan the plating and the tableware, not just the menu, and both must match as lovers do. That’s why we’re celebrating the launch of Corelle Cherish. First, the brand’s very first Embossed series is white. Easy to match? Check. Second, it shimmers like fine China and adds a touch of fine dining to every table. Neighbour-envy? Check. Third, it boasts Corelle’s durable heritage, with its signature Vitrelle® glass three-layered sandwich construction that makes it lightweight yet resistant to breaking, chipping and cracking. Kid-friendly? Check. Finally, the non-porous surface resists bacteria, stains and odours, while remaining easy to wash so it’s a “Yes!” to kiddy favorites like spag bol and pizza. Goddess hands-friendly? Check. Do we love it? Really, you had to ask?

As a special limited holiday offer, the Corelle Cherish Square 16-Piece Dinnerware Set is now retailing at $149 (U.P. $250) exclusively at TANGS Orchard and TANGS VivoCity.

Dulux - Kids Room


DULUX Wash & Wear with new KidProof Technology™

We all want our children to have creativity, even artistic vision, if they are so inclined. But as you probably know, little artists tend to express themselves on any canvas they find. And the biggest one at home is the wall. But hey, let them bloom all over the house. Yes, you heard that right. That’s because Dulux Wash & Wear paint now comes with new KidProof Technology™ to protect walls from the toughest of stains.

Stains can be easily wiped off with a wet cloth or non-abrasive sponge and detergent solution. Those caused by crayons, markers, and colour pencils can be partially removed – depending on whether an appropriate Dulux sealer and overcoat (with two coats of Dulux Wash & Wear) has been used, and on how long the stain is left for. So don’t worry if the kids turn your walls into a mural. Just get them to help wipe it all off before dad comes home!

Considering a spring clean and do-over for the home this new year? Put the new DULUX Wash & Wear with KidProof Technology™ ($23/1-litre can and $82/5-litre can (prices before GST)) on the list!

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Editor’s Picks – Dec 2013