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April 2014

Editor’s Picks : April 2014

A selection of good things in stores and out there for mums, kids, and all who are young at heart!


Child Label


Daphne Ling of the very popular local blog Mother Inc. has a new baby. No, her number four isn’t here yet; this is Child Label, her premium personalised designer label business. Made from high quality vinyl with a wide range of colours, fonts and icons to choose from, these embody fun and functionality in a little rectangle that can go everywhere with your tyke. They’re also waterproof, safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, steriliser, and freezer, durable enough to pass the toddler test with flying colours, and come off cleanly once it’s time to go. The range also includes iron-on labels for clothing, as well as Mandarin characters so kids can learn to recognise their Chinese names. From $15 for standard packs to $50 for Give Me Everything value packs, at
WIN! Child Label is giving away FIVE standard packs to SingaporeMotherhood readers. Leave a comment below to let us know why your child needs these labels. Five winners will be picked at random after this giveaway ends on 30 April 2014.


Singapore Motherhood


Did you know that urination/wetting and sleep disturbance have a direct link? That could be the reason why your little one is waking up at night, fussing, and refusing to return to sleep. Knowing this, Pampers new improved Baby Dry range features extra absorbent zones that speed away wetness. This helps Baby sleep tight all through the night, giving her a night of Golden Sleep® by minimising wetness as a sleep disturbance and silencing the ‘wetness wake-up call’. This means Baby gets her precious 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep, and mum gets some well-deserved rest! Babies who sleep better have also been shown to be more positive about interacting and concentrating; be more alert and be able to interact more sociably with those around her. So staying dry doesn’t just help Baby sleep, it’ll indirectly benefit her growth and development. That’s music to our ears isn’t it, mums?
WIN! A Pampers bundle (worth up to $100 each) consisting of 1 pack Baby Dry + 1 pack Cruisers or Swaddlers (depending on size) + 1 pack Splashers. We’re giving THREE bundles away. Just tell us in the comments below: With the new and improved Pampers Baby Dry diapers, baby can get up to __ (fill in the blank) hours of overnight protection, which helps him get the uninterrupted sleep he needs for a great morning. Three winners will be picked at random after this giveaway ends on 30 April 2014.




I love bringing my kids to parks and gardens to roam and romp. But staying just one degree away from the equator means that no matter how much sunblock I slather on my face, my skin is still roasted. And studies have shown that sun exposure is the leading cause of premature skin ageing – yikes! So when World Luxury Spa Award winner Porcelain the Face Spa introduced the Sun Rescue Facial, my complexion did a silent fist-pump. This ultra-calming treatment reverses sun damage and shortens recovery time for sun burnt skin using a three-prong Calm, Repair, Hydrate approach. It starts by chilling the skin surface down to -10ºC, then infusing oxygen and a serum for cellular repair, and finishing off with a cucumber ice mask. For continued protection, there’s Flawless, the Skin Perfecting Moisturiser ($165, 50ml, SPF20) that offers broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. That’s going into my skincare regime as soon as I can get my hands on it! $250, 60 minutes per Sun Rescue Facial at Porcelain, The Face Spa, 15 Cantonment Road. Call 6227 9692 to make an appointment. Contraindications apply.

hair oil


In the 1930s, realising that her peers were interested in beauty and hair care, Madame Yoon Dok-jung began making Camellia Oil in Kaesong, Korea. Today, her oil is available to us in Sulwhasoo’s Camellia Hair Oil, which will be available in Singapore on May 2. Known as the Olive Oil of the East, Camellia Oil is rich in Vitamins A, B and E and contains up to 88 per cent of single unsaturated fatty acid. It helps to block UV rays and prevents damage caused by exposure to light. It also protects hair from hot dryer air damage and prevents hair cuticle damage. The low-down: shiny, sleek, shampoo commercial-worthy hair can be yours too! $42 per bottle, from May 2, at Sulwhasoo counters at TANGS Beauty, TANGS Orchard & TANGS VivoCity, TAKASHIMAYA Departmental Store and ROBINSONS Orchard.

2014 Smile Asia Week - cake


Every three minutes, somewhere in the world, a child is born with a cleft lip or a cleft palate. Smile Asia Week happens 5-11 May this year and during this time the Ritz Carlton Millennia Singapore will be selling a limited-edition Valrhona Chocolate and Banana Cake to raise funds for Operation Smile –- a medical charity that helps facilitate operations for children who have cleft palates and cleft lips. This year’s aim? To sell 15,000 cakes and fund 500 operations. Whether you need a cake for a celebration, for Mother’s Day, or just because, why not order one of these at Each cake costs $33 and all proceeds go straight to Operation Smile.

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Editor’s Picks : April 2014