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December 2019

Zero-Waste, Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts for Everyone in the Family (2019)

With 2019 being Singapore’s Singapore’s Year Towards Zero Waste, why not give eco-friendly Christmas gifts that are also as ethically sourced as possible? These can all be found in Singapore, since we’ve tried to put focus on local businesses too. Sustainability is not just about the Earth; it’s about creating a nurturing environment closer to home as well! Here’s a list of gifts for mums, dads, babies, and kids that won’t bankrupt you, your environment, or your health!


Erbaviva Back Rub Oil

A calming gift for a mum-to-be, this organic back rub oil has hints of chamomile, geranium, and lavender, and will surely be a great comfort and addition to her pre-natal care. It smells heavenly too. $28, Bud Cosmetics

Organic Baby Products Hamper

Gift mum-to-be and the baby with a host of eco-friendly baby products! Filled with new-mum essentials, this hamper includes a teething ring, organic moisturiser set, pillows and bibs. $123.05, Simply Hamper

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Eco-friendly Beeswax Wraps

These festive-themed beeswax wraps come in four sizes — XS to XL — and three different Christmas related themes. Beeswax wraps are a non-toxic and easy way to replace plastic and cling wrap in the kitchen. Made out of 100 per cent cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin, these are also completely hand made in Singapore. $10-$23, The Sustainability Project

The Softest T-Shirt

Vincent Ooi, the man behind the Source Collection, returned to Singapore from Hong Kong to create a socially and environmentally conscious brand. Their partner factories make clothing for distinguished brands, and are well-maintained by passionate people who upkeep a sustainable work environment. Mums will be dressed in clothing that are less polluting, while being respectful to the workers who made them. $22-$60, Source Collection

Hush Candle Gift Set

Hush Candles are hand-poured in Singapore, made out of natural soy wax and therapeutic grade essential oils, with no chemicals and synthetics. Everything is 100 per cent natural, so you’ll be giving a toxic-free, conscious gift. Each set comes with a Candle, Roll-on scent, and Room Spray. Choose from four classic Hush sets — Awakening, Calming, Detoxifying, and Uplifting. Each comes with their own signature scents and distinguishing gift wrap. A well-being centred gift for any busy mum in your life! From $20, Hush Candle

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Bamboo Wash Cloths

There are a whole host of environmentally friendly products aimed at women, but Dads deserve them too! The Dad who cleans their face every morning and night will appreciate these 100 per cent organic bamboo wash cloths. Each pack includes two baby soft pieces that won’t irritate sensitive skin. Frank Skincare is a Singaporean brand, so the whole family can support local businesses together! From $28, Frank Skincare

A Designer Coffee mug

Dad needs coffee all the time? What better to reduce single-use than to get him an infinitely reusable coffee cup? This is the world’s first shatterproof ceramic reusable cup, ergonomically designed to fit into his hands. It’s also designed for temperature and taste control. Not surprising then, that it won the Gold at Australia’s Good Design Award in 2018. From $39.96, Sttoke

Portable Solar Charger

This palm-sized solar charger can be mounted on a window or placed anywhere under the sun to charge. It is an effective charger to bring out on family outings, to work, or anywhere for easy power on-the-go. What better way to be eco-friendly than by bringing sustainability and reusability into our electronic using the Earth’s very own power source — the sun? $59, L3 Homeation

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The Mandar Shirt

Dads can wear eco-friendly clothing too! Sustainability is everywhere when it comes to the Matter Prints clothing — in tradition, production, design, and in their values. Inspired by the words and values of Mahatma Gandhi, this classic, loose fitted shirt is made for the modern man. Dads can keep comfortable and airy in the lightweight material while running after their little ones! $99, Matter Prints

A Cool Handcrafted Briefcase

Take the environmental action to the next level and into the office! A 100% vegan brand, Tokyo Bags aims to be transparent and responsible in every step of bag production. While a little pricier, this briefcase is scratch proof and water resistant, and fits laptops, tablets and documents. Classy and hardy, it’s the perfect sustainable gift for an office bound Dad. $178, Tokyo Bags

FOR BABIES (0-24 months)

Sophie La Girafe Teether

This set comes with a Sophie la girafe and the Sophie la girafe teething ring. The Teething Ring is made of 100 per cent natural rubber. Made in France, with no extra chemicals, it has textured surfaces to soothe the baby’s sore teething gums. Parents will feel safe knowing that their child has a non-toxic product in their mouth at all times! $39.92, Agape Babies

Plan Toys Alligator Pull Toy

Plan Toys started in 1981, manufacturing toys using pesticide-free rubber wood. Now, you can find eco-friendly toys of all sorts, including this wooden alligator pull toy! The alligator moves its head and tail when pulled and makes a clacking sound that will delight the little ones! Made out of sawdust, solid rubber wood, and water-based lacquer and colours, it is a fun, safe toy gift. $41.80, Crate & Barrel

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Four Cow Farm Calendula Remedy

Four Cow Farm’s items are handcrafted at the family farm and use only the most natural ingredients. Calendula has many well-known qualities, such as being anti-septic and anti-inflammatory. With no added fragrances or colourings, this soothing balm is great for the little ones. It’s perfect for calming everything from dry, sensitive, inflamed skin, dermatitis and cuts and bruises. $34.90, Four Cow Farm

Buds Cherished Daily Baby Bum Balm

Buds Baby has one of the world’s largest line of certified organic baby products, all 100 per cent Ecocert certified. With no harsh chemicals and irritants, this balm is a great addition to any baby’s nappy change time. Organic beeswax prevents irritation and discomfort while spent grain wax and Inca inchi soothe the skin. Other ingredients include jojoba oil, sunflower oil, shea better, tea tree oil and a dose of vitamin E for antioxidants. It’s a great gift for babies, and will also give a peace of mind to their parents! $31.80, Bud Cosmetics

Gentle Soap and Massage Oil

Formulated with all-natural ingredients such as plant extracts, virgin coconut oil, and jojoba oil, these- were formulated to help deal with symptoms of eczema, dermatitis and nappy rash, as well as other uncomfortable skin issues that a baby might have. The Gentle Baby Soap bar is even produced using traditional cold process soap methods! Biconi is also founded by a Singaporean-Malaysian Mother-Daughter duo — start the support of local, ethical and sustainable businesses young! $30.94, Biconi

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FOR KIDS (3-12 years)

Bubble Tea Straw with Straw Cleaner

Everyone loves treats, especially children. Sometimes however, packaged drinks like Ribena and bubble tea contain more plastic than we’d like to admit. This bubble tea straw comes with a straw cleaner so kids can wash them and reuse them. It’s a great way to bring sustainability into young one’s lives by letting them take ownership of how they can help reduce the use of single-use plastic straws! $8.90, Your Sustainable Store

Bamboo Toothbrush

Encouraging kids of all ages to start as early as possible in their sustainability journey is key. One way to do it? Make it part of their daily routine. This toothbrush is made out of bamboo and non-plastic materials. Every purchase helps fund oral health projects for children in need so you’ll be helping someone when you buy it. $5.90, Your Sustainable Store

Captain Green and the Plastic Scene

Begin an honest conversation with kids about conservation, the environment, and the importance of living an eco-friendly, conscious, sustainable lifestyle. The story of Captain Green is sure to inspire kids to take charge in their own environmental stories. After graduating from Superhero School, Captain Green finds himself in a knotty position. He has to save Dolphin, Seagull and Turtle from danger! The adorable illustrations and fun storyline are guaranteed to educate and enlighten young readers. $13.86, Kinokuniya

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Agooday’s Pockeat Food Bag

Lined with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), this adorable bag is food safe, durable, waterproof, and grease resistant. It’s safe to pop edibles directly inside as the bags do not contain BPA or lead, and are machine washable. The Velcro close also doubles up as a handle! Kids can use lightweight bags can be used everywhere — in school, at tuition, and out and about. $38.90-$42.00, Shopee


Fashion is one of the most polluting industries. August Society does their part by creating classic swimwear pieces from recycled fabrics. The eco-friendly swimsuits are designed with Xtra Life Lycra and withstand chemicals, sun, salt. $39-$59, August Society

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Have Yourself an Eco-friendly Christmas this year!

This Christmas, we can all do our part by sourcing gifts that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Apart from doing our part for the Earth, we can also support companies with ethical business practices. So while you’re giving that gift from the heart, your sustainability efforts will last beyond the gift-giving day. Isn’t that wonderful!

Keen to do more this Christmas? WWF is offering free gift-wrapping services. The Rewrap Project aims to help us have our gifts wrapped in used newspapers instead of new wrapping paper. It also encourages shoppers to adopt new habits and to celebrate a sustainable Christmas. Rewrap services are available throughout November and December at JCube, IMM and NEX. To find out more about this heartwarming campaign, visit here.

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Zero-Waste, Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts for Everyone in the Family (2019)