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July 2019

13 Places to Bring Bub for Brain-boosting Fun and Creative Baby Activities

It’s never too early to expose your little ones to arts, music, or other enrichment activities that will help stimulate them. In fact, the younger they start, the better. So here are 13 places in Singapore where you can bring your tiny tots to engage in fun baby activities and creative play. Enjoy!

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:: Just added :: Early READ programmes at NLB

Image: National Library Board

The National Library Board has a whole slew of programmes that parents and their little ones can enjoy together, either at the library, or at home. Baby Lapsit is targetted at parents with babies up to 12 months. During this 30-minute session, you and your little one will be introduced to simple songs, action rhymes, and finger plays that you can use to interact and bond at home. Play@Library introduces little ones to the library and allows them to enjoy books, music, and variety of developmentally appropriate toys. It allows children to engage in open-ended play and create a platform for them to socialise and make new friends. 

Baby-friendly amenities Libraries with Early Literacy Areas have easy-to-search babies’ collections, where books are categorised based on five early literacy skills.

Admission Free

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1. PIP’s PLAYbox

PIP’s PLAYbox is a cosy children’s arts space on Level 4 of Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay. The space comprises a makeshift loft, a roomy arts and crafts area and an outdoor play area. There’s even a reading corner with books by Singapore writers and illustrators.

In conjunction with their regular festivals, Esplanade hosts activities such as storytelling sessions and self-guided craft activities here. For exclusive invitations to various events and special activities, sign up for PIP’s Club. It’s a free membership programme for children below 12 years. You also enjoy priority booking for parent-child workshops and ticket discounts for selected events at Esplanade.

Baby-friendly amenities There are children’s toilets and a nursing room opposite the entrance. You may park your strollers, bikes and scooters under the staircase leading up to PIP’s PLAYbox.

Admission Free

2. The Artground

educational indoor playgrounds - artground

The Artground at Goodman Arts Centre is an accessible play space for children aged 12 and under. Here, you’ll find interactive art installations that change tri-annually. They also have a art-related programmes including gardening, music, dance, and drama activities.

Baby Space

Baby Space is a multi-sensory installation by Swedish choreographer Dalija Acin Thelander Murphy. This caters specifically to pre-walking babies. Contemporary dance, music and visual art all come together to form an immersive experience. Babies are encouraged to interact with the dancers and explore the installation on their own terms, in their own way.

Baby-friendly amenities A baby care room is equipped with changing tables, hot and cold water dispensers, nursing chairs, and power sockets. Park your stroller at the Stroller Parking Point next to the main entrance. 

Admission Free entry into The Artground; programme charges apply

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3. Club Coco Nut


Club Coco Nut is a multi-disciplinary edutainment centre for children and a co-working space, all in one. The Social space is a common area that can be accessed by all members. Here, your kids can play at the multi-activity tables, climbing walls and Peranakan playhouse, or pick up a book at the reading corner. Parents can catch up on email and get some work done at the Co-work space.

The Move space is where kids can join activities such as multi-sports, karate, yoga, Mandarin and English drama. Then there’s the Create space for art exploration (sensory workshops, painting, and food discovery).

Babies Con Brio

Led by registered music therapist Jacqueline Chow, Babies Con Brio ($50 per session) is an inclusive music group that uses live music. It supports parent-child bonding and children’s social-emotional, language and cognitive development. The activity is suitable for newborn babies to two-year-olds.


FUN2B1 ($46 per session) is a movement class by Playball, an international sports and movement programme. It involves a variety of movement exercises that help develop your baby’s stability, locomotion, object control and even listening skills. The class is open to tots from 12 to 22 months who can walk on their own. 

Musical Babes

Musical Babes ($46 per session) is a parent-accompanied class that teaches parents to stimulate their babies’ learning through vocal play, instrument exploration and creative movement. The class is for babies up to 18 months old. It involves fun and dynamic songs, rhymes, baby exercises and dances. 

Admission A member pass (with access to the Social space) costs $60 per month. Pay $8 per hour to use the Co-work space, or sign up for a $350 membership to get unlimited access. For activities, you can choose to pay per class, or purchase four- to 20-class memberships.

4. Playeum, Children’s Centre for Creativity

June school holidays - playeum

Playeum is Singapore’s first dedicated creative centre for kids aged one to 12, where families and children can play, create and be inspired together. A series of interactive spaces incorporate hands-on, participative opportunities, custom-built installations and technology. The centre also organises holiday camps, workshops, and activities.


Playeum’s current exhibition is I-Opener, which just launched in May 2019. This interactive exhibition features three sensory play-worlds that are co-created by individuals with and without various disabilities. It aims to develop children’s innate creativity, critical thinking, communication and sensitivity.

Baby-friendly amenities Playeum has a baby-changing facility and filtered water coolers. While the centre is wheelchair-accessible, there is no washroom accessible for wheelchair users within. The closest washroom is located next to Masons at block 8 of Gillman Barracks.

Admission Free

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5. VIVO Kids by Vivo Kinetics


VIVO Kids by Vivo Kinetics are famous for their multi-sports programme, however they also offer workshops and activities such as music classes and sports camps. These are held at various locations around Singapore.

VIVO Kids’ Multi-Sport

VIVO Kids’ multi-sport programme (free trial) is structured by age groups. The programme for toddlers 20 to 36 months old involves parents, with each session spanning 45 minutes. While getting acquainted with (mini) football, rugby and basketball, ​your child will develop spatial and body awareness through movement exposure.

Jiggle Wigs

Jiggle Wigs ($10 trial) is a music class that caters to tots from seven to 24 months old. The classes involve lots of movement, from dancing to parachute play. By interacting with scarves, shakers, bubbles, balls and hoops, babies work on their physical and cognitive development in a safe and nurturing environment.

Admission VIVO Kids’ multi-sport programme from $38 per session; Jiggle Wigs from $15 per session

6. ACT 3 International


ACT 3 is an arts company that seeks to touch the lives of the young through the arts. It offers a variety of arts-based initiatives that juxtapose arts with the environment, heritage and culture to form a “holistic, creative environment”. Take your pick from drama programmes, holiday workshops, and arts education sessions.

ACT 3 Drama Academy

ACT 3’s Drama Academy encourages children to think on their feet and experiment with novel ways of expressing their thoughts. Classes are available for toddlers as young as 18 months old. These mainly revolve around structured dramatic play, involving parents as well.

Admission $280 for 10 sessions

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7. Dancing Kids


Dancing Kids offers ballet, tap and jazz in all grades of the International Dance Teachers’ Association (IDTA) syllabus. The founder of the company, Jane Moran, and her instructors travel to condominiums around Singapore, so that kids can attend lessons without venturing far from home.  

Music and Movement Class

This parent-accompanied class is for toddlers six months to three years old. It features nursery rhymes, songs, games, musical instruments and parachute play. Your little one builds confidence in a structured environment while improving their coordination and communication skills. 

Mummy & Me Ballet

This is a ballet-based class that involves miming and coordination exercises. It’s ideal for children who could benefit from building their confidence levels before they start school. The class is open to toddlers and children aged 18 months to three years.

Admission $10 per class
Web Dancing Kids Singapore

8. Kindermusik With Love


Kindermusik is a world-renowned music and movement programme for young children. The offshoot we have in Singapore has been awarded Maestro Status by Kindermusik International. This means that they’re among the top one per cent of Kindermusik programmes in the world.

The Village Programme

The Village Programme allows parents to bond with their babies up to 18 months old. A unique blend of multi-level activities include creative movement, vocal play, object and instrument exploration. These classes aim to engage your baby’s senses, and stimulate their growth and development.

Our Time Programme

This focuses on the emotional development of toddlers from 18 months to three years. As their confidence, curiosity and self-control start to take shape, singing, sound imitation, rhyming and object identification helps foster language skills. Creative dancing also helps develop balance and spatial awareness. Toddlers are encourage to explore freely.

Admission Trial classes at $20

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9. Happy Fish


Happy Fish provides swimming lessons to babies aged four months and above. Lessons are conducted at various swimming complexes across Singapore. The Infant Aquatics programme is held at indoor heated pools at Bedok, Jurong East, Horsecity, Bukit Timah, and more. 

Infant Aquatics

The Infant Aquatics programme is specially designed for babies from four months to two years old. Your baby will learn how to enter the water safely and hold their breath when they go underwater. They also learn to propel themselves to the edge of the pool and emerge safely. Parent participation in each 30-minute session is encouraged to reduce separation anxiety.

Admission From $342.40 per term (12 lessons)

10. Mini Glow Yoga Club


Think yoga is a strictly adults-only activity? Think again. Mini Glow Yoga Club is a unique yoga facility dedicated to bringing out the best in toddlers – through yoga. The club encourages kids to pick up yoga from an early age. This helps them to develop healthy bodies and minds, and enables them to cope with anxieties later in life. 

Mums & Bubs Yoga

Mums & Bubs Yoga is a special parent-and-child yoga class. It aims to heal and strengthen the mother’s body postpartum, and introduce a special mother and child bond. Work on strengthening your pelvic floor, abdomen, legs and back, while relieving tension in the shoulders, necks and arms. You’re welcome to stop to attend to your child at any point in time, and Dads can participate too!

Admission One class for $32, five classes for $155, or 10 classes for $295

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11. The Little Gym


The Little Gym is known for its curriculum-based physical, social and cognitive development programmes. It takes a holistic “Three-Dimensional Learning” approach to skill development. “Get Moving” fosters flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. “Brain Boost” nurtures listening skills, concentration and decision-making. Finally, “Citizen Kid” promotes sharing, teamwork, cooperation and leadership abilities.

Parent-Child Classes

Young ones aged four months to three years old experience early socialisation and prepare for new challenges. In these classes, toddlers will work on their fine and gross motor skill development. They also develop coordination and balance, and spatial and perceptual awareness.

Admission Charges vary according to location

12. Heguru


Licensed by Henmi Educational General Laboratory HEGL Japan, the renowned Heguru method ​specialises in right and whole brain development of young children. If the name Heguru sounds familiar, this might be because the school has been featured on television multiple times. These include Channel News Asia’s “How To Raise A Super Baby” in 2018.

Heguru Infant & Toddler Course

Like all the other courses at Heguru, the Infant & Toddler Course is based on the Heguru method. The curriculum helps toddlers improve their attention span, motor skills, literacy skills. Much focus is placed on imaginative exploration and critical thinking.

Admission Contact Heguru to find out more

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13. Gymboree Play & Music


Gymboree Play & Music has been fostering creativity and confidence in children ages zero to five years since 1976. Their age-appropriate activities help develop cognitive, physical and social skills of toddlers and children. They also encourage parents to participate in the process, and be actively involved in their child’s development.

Gymboree Play & Learn Classes

From newborn to six months, Gymboree’s most popular class, Play & Learn, involves exploring the senses. From six to 10 months, activities include learning about cause and effect. Older toddlers of 10 to 16 months explore two-way communication and improve upon balance. Those between 16 and 22 months become competent problem-solvers through games.

Gymboree Music Classes

At Gymboree’s Music Classes, babies from six to 16 months discover melody, pitch and rhythm while building a repertoire of joyful songs. Toddlers 16 to 28 months learn new musical styles, including Rock ‘n’ Roll and Classical. Those from 28 months to five years express their “singing voice” while learning about musical forms.

Gymboree Art Classes

At Gymboree’s Art Classes, toddlers 18 to 24 months discover art hands-on through sculpture, painting, story time, tactile tables and more. Those from 24 to 36 months participate in activities such as painting, singing, sculpting, and collaging.

Admission Contact Gymboree to find out more

We all want to raise curious, bright-eyed kids who are eager to explore the world and take in all that it has to offer. What better way to do that than to sign your baby up for one of these highly stimulating baby activities?

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13 Places to Bring Bub for Brain-boosting Fun and Creative Baby Activities