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December 2018

10 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Teens (2018)

Believe it or not, finding the best Christmas gifts for teens is not an impossible task. And yes, while a pet may be a perfect gift for some, we’re looking at those that won’t end up being mum’s responsibility after the festive season is over.

So you want to buy Christmas gifts for teens? You’re a brave one indeed. Teenagers can be hard to comprehend. With their grunts, angst, and mood swings, we totally understand if you’re tempted to simply throw them a voucher for Christmas and be done with it. But hey, that’s not so cool, is it? So we asked real teens for ideas and came up with this list of Christmas gifts for teens that we believe most of them will actually like and use. #FingersCrossed


1. Google Play card, Xbox gift card

Sometimes they emerge from their game-filled fogs to say ‘hello’. The next time that happens, like when their mums force them to come out for Christmas dinner with you, give them these gift cards and watch their faces glow as they realise that they’ve just been given credits to get more of the hottest new games and apps in their hands. In fact, we can guarantee that they’ll be so thrilled, they’ll say more than one word to you!

Price Various options available
Buy here (Xbox Gift Card) and here (Google Play Card)

2. The Body Shop Festive gifts

Teens are a unique animal species and The Body Shop’s Christmas collection, with packaging inspired by forest wildlife, is perfect for them. Olivia the Owl holds top-to-toe essentials to keep every teen body fresh and fragrant. Bella the Bear twists and turns to help wet hair dry faster. The cute Baby Deer Headband keeps hair off their face while they mask. Best of all, every purchase contributes to re-wild over 10 million square metres of forest as part of The Body Shop’s World Bio-Bridges Mission, thus helping to protect their future.

Price Various
Buy at The Body Shop outlets islandwide

3. Matter Crossback top

Just for girls, because we can’t resist the simple and stylishly timeless design of this cross-back top. We’re also fans of the brand’s initiative to make rural artisan production more sustainable while supporting heritage designs and textiles.

Price USD79
Buy here

4. Invertible Godzilla tote/pouch from The Art Faculty

This Godzilla Pouch converts to a funky tote bag, while the pouch continues to function as a separate holding compartment for your stuff. We love the rugged coolness of the Godzilla on camo. Drawn by #DifferentlyAbled artist Joshua Chong, we can see this becoming the “dino pouch” for 2018.

Price $25
Buy here

5. Wireless charger

Say bye bye to twisted cables and messy wires. With this wireless charging pad your teen’s VIP (Very Important Phone) will be magically charged faster than they can say, “Look ma, no cables!” The charging pad is QI-certified and features anti-skid rubber so phones stay put when they’re supposed to.

Price $39.99
Buy here

6. Passes to HeadRock VR

Newly opened in November by Big Bang Kpop superstar Seungri, Singapore’s first VR theme park offers thrills galore for kids of all ages. Teens, however, who love scaring themselves silly, will probably derive the most pleasure here. Buy them and a friend passes to spend a day and let them select their own thrills – blasting zombies, falling into a fiery volcano, taking a horror ride on a train to nowhere, riding a dog sled in a snowy blizzard, and more.

Price From $28 (Mastercard promo; usual $35) for 3 rides
Buy here

7. Dialogue In The Dark experience

Self-absorbed and ungrateful? Not really. In fact, teens are some of the most caring humans on the planet. So open their eyes to what the blind see at Dialogue in the Dark Singapore (DID), where they’ll get to go through daily routines in complete darkness. This ‘tour’ lets them experience a day in the life of a visually-impaired person and will leave a them with much food for thought, plus inspiration to do more for others.

Price From $15 for students
Info here

8. Gym sack bag from Purnama

A gift that pays it forward brings meaning to the gifting, doesn’t it? Made from cotton hand-woven on a traditional wooden loom, this yoga-gym-bag is designed in Singapore and crafted by local artisans from communities supported by Purnama Outreach. It fits a regular-sized yoga mat and boxing gloves, plus all the other barang barang that your teens will bring wherever they go.

Price $54
Buy here

9. Mama Tabi Mamee socks from Supermama

Even if size-conscious teens have stopped snacking on these, they’ll still remember the Mamee snacks of childhood with much fondness. This pair is just too adorable to ignore, and it won’t add to their BMI!

Price $20
Buy here

10. ‘Warrior’ cuff from The Mindful Company

Within every mighty teen is a warrior. You know it, I know it, but do they know it? The teenage years can be confusing so help them dispel self-doubt and gain assurance in themselves every time they look at their reminder cuff. Then watch them stand tall, pull their shoulders back, and go forth into the world with renewed confidence.

Price $53
Buy here

Let us know if you have more ideas for Christmas gifts for teens; we’d definitely appreciate them!


11. Klook Christmas gift card

It’s been proven that we take away more from experiences than from material things. Give the teens activities and experiences that they can choose, and etch lifetime memories with. The Klook Christmas gift cards can be used to book activities not just in Singapore, but all over the world. Best of all, the cards are valid till 31 December 2019 so teens have an entire year to plan and play, thanks to you!

Price $50
Buy here

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10 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Teens (2018)