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September 2013

Car Seats: Don’t Leave Home Without One

Since 1 January 2012, anyone below 1.35m travelling in a motor vehicle in Singapore has been required by law to be secured by a child restraint, use a booster seat, or use an adjustable seat belt.

The lifesaving power of seat belts and booster seats is well-proven, but with safety recommendations and regulations changing regularly, it can be difficult for parents to keep up. How can parents know when a high-priced booster seat is worth it? When is a rear-facing seat safer than a front-facing seat? And how would you know if your child’s car seat is correctly installed?

In the event of an accident the way you fit and fasten your car seat is more important than how many bells and whistles it came with. Check the graphic below to find out more about how car seats should be used. Although it is based on U.S. statistics, the message remains the same: belt up right and you could save a life.

The Case for Car Seats: Never Leave Home Without Onecar-seats-2car-seats-3car-seats-4
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Car Seats: Don’t Leave Home Without One