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November 2016

6 of the Best Box Subscription Gifts for Kids

One box, many possibilities, endless knowledge. That’s what your child can enjoy with box subscription gifts, which run the gamut from books to science experiments and even cultural education! 

Do you remember the thrill of receiving a package in the post? Of ripping off the wrapper, caressing the parcel, and finally, unboxing its treasures within? Granted, in these days of email and text messaging, packages are more likely to be generated from online shopping. But now a whole new world of boxed gifts for kids has emerged, and these specially curated packages are a blessing for busy mums (and hapless gift givers).


How do these work? Order a single, or a series of boxes that will be sent to your child each month. Every box is different, so there’s no need to worry about repeated activities or material. Longer subscriptions cost less per box, so don’t limit yourself (and your child or gift-ee) to just one, yah?

Opt for a book-themed one, which sends a package of toddler or preschool classics to emerging readers, a space-themed one, or even one that’ll bring out the inner chemist in your little one, and watch the young one’s face light up when he finds out that he’s received a gift in the mail!

For Fast Readers
Flying Books

Each month, two books carefully curated according to the child’s age group will be sent to the child. The format of the books will vary between board books and picture books (either paperback or hardcover), always considering the age group of the child they are sent to. There’s no need to worry about repeat books either; every month, before shipping, Flying Books will send an email with the titles of the month. There will be some time for you to answer, and the book your child already has will be substituted.

For ages: From 12 months to 7 years
Cost: Flying Books is not taking new subscriptions this Novemeber and December. However you can buy a Flying Books gift for a child at $34.50 (one-time gift package) and $39.50 (siblings gift package)
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For Little Experimenters
Thinkasaur Science Boxes

Think fun-filled science experiments without the need to prep or buy anything! Focused on encouraging hands-on learning and Do-It-Yourself fun for children, each box delivers a different set of science experiments each month for both parents and children to work on together. Each box is a mini science kit that provides materials, equipment, instruction manuals and learning points for up to four experiments, covering themes such as chemistry, physics and Earth science. If you have a curious one at home, this is definitely help satisfy his or her appetite for learning!

For ages: 7 – 10 years
Cost: $48 per box; $43 per month (6 months); $40 per month (12 months)
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For Young Conservationists
Junior Explorers

Junior ExplorersImage: Junior Explorers Singapore Facebook page

Junior Explorers ambassadors Kia and Kyle accompany your child on a new “mission” each month to explore amazing places like the Arctic, Serengeti and Amazon, with cool collectibles, activities, and fun online games as well! The aim? To teach children to understand our planet and its ecosystems and species. Kid explorers also learn to support the habitats they are learning about though the Mission Giveback program, where they can earn points though games, and give the points to real world conservation projects. Junior Explorers then converts these points to dollars which are donated to the child’s chosen project. Inspired?

For ages: 6 – 11 years
Cost: $24.99 (one month); $66.99 (three months); $127.49 (six months); $239.99 (12 months). Shipping is $2 per month.

For Variety Lovers
Spur Box

Spur Box cover
SpurBox has different types of kid boxes to suit every child. For the littliest ones, the Sensoria packs (Explore and Create) offer activities that guide the development of gross and fine motor skills. For 2 – 10 year olds, the Joy Box delivers eight different fuss-free, pre-packed crafts to do each month. Want to focus on a child’s exact age group? There are P-Skool boxes (Stages 2 to 4) which are curated to develop a child’s skills and abilities within each preschool age group.

For ages: From 12 months onwards
Cost: From $27.90 for the Sensoria Pack (one-time trial); $23.90 per month (12 months)
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For Even the Youngest Ones
Josh & Cherie Books

What's In a Box
Josh and Cherie Books was started by a husband-and-wife team who source the world for the classic and award-winning books for babies and children up to 7 years of age. Currently, it’s the only package box that offers reads for babies. The 0 – 2 year olds get three board books each month, while older ones up to age 7 receive two picture books per month. The best part? The combined retail value of the books always exceeds the subscription price! What we love: that you can add Mandarin books (for ages 3 and up, with an additional $10 per month) to make learning Mandarin a fun & exciting journey for your kids!

For ages: 0 – 7 years
Cost: $27.90 (one-time); $26.90 (6 months); $25.90 (12 months). $6 shipping and handling fees are exclusive of the cost.

For Jetsetting Globetrotters
Little Passports

little passportsImage: Little Passports Facebook page

Bring the kids on a journey around the world! Accompanied by Little Passports characters Max, Mia, and their dog Toby, kids will explore world themes such as celebrations, transport, landmarks, music, food, sports, and more. This introduction to geography may just ignite the discoverer in your child!

For ages: 3 – 12 years
Cost: USD $17.95 (one month); USD $16.95 (6 months); USD $14.95 (12 months). Shipping from the US excluded.

Featured image: Flying Books

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6 of the Best Box Subscription Gifts for Kids