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March 2019

Best Baby Carriers to Hold Baby Close to your Heart Everywhere you Go

Not sure which baby carrier to get for your newborn? Or thinking of upgrading your bubbly toddler’s? Here are the best baby carriers for all age groups.

Baby carriers are a big part (literally!) of every new parent’s daily necessities. From the day your little one is born, the baby carrier helps ensure that your precious bundle is safely and snugly transported from hospital to home. However, with so many different types, and brands, of baby carriers on the market – which should you get?


Best for Newborns

1. Baby K’tan Original


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Who can relate to @sceneswithnadine? “Balancing act: I don’t know about you but for me, having a baby makes it challenging to get sh*t done. Sending e-mails, cooking food, doing the dishes, putting away toys, changing nappies — it feels like one day is never enough to do all of this (and more), and there’s so little time to do other things you like doing (in my case, writing / blogging). And when the baby is sleeping, it’s always an internal debate: Do I sleep while she sleeps? Or do I make the most of this time and complete the tasks on my To Do list? I’ve been a mom (a working mom, to be specific) for over a year now but I am still trying to find a system that works best for me. What about you? What’s your system like? 😊” #mybkjourney #babyktan #momlife

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Aptly called “a wrap without any wrapping”, the Baby K’tan Original is a great choice for newborns! This wrap is actually ready-to-wear, so there’s literally no learning curve to add to post-delivery stress. Made of 100 per cent natural cotton, you can be sure that your little one stays comfy and snug next to your heart.

What we love The double-loop design in the straps helps to evenly distribute weight across your shoulders and back. This support is definitely appreciated, especially when babies grow so quickly! The Baby K’tan Original can also be used for newborns, making it a great starter carrier! Choose from size 0 to 24 for your perfect fit.

Things to consider The difference in sizes makes it difficult to share theBaby K’tan with your spouse or other caregivers. Parents have also reported that the fabric can get too stretchy at times. However, popping it in the wash can usually bring it back to its original size!

Price $99.80
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2. Solly Baby Wrap


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Did you know that wearing baby helps reduce the risk of postpartum depression? Add improved sleep, greater breastfeeding success, and fewer difficulties bonding to the list, and we’d understand if you added a dozen to your registry. 😉

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The Solly Baby Wrap is another great choice for newborns! This wrap is made up of a long piece of fabric, with a tag to guide it through. Specially designed for the first few months of your baby’s life, it stretches to fit your changing postpartum body. Did we mention it also comes in wonderful new patterns every season?

What we love The customisable head and neck support, which changes to fit babies as they grow. The soft, lightweight fabric is also cooling, and is made with environmentally-friendly dyes safe for babies. This wrap also folds up in a self-enclosing pocket for easy storage. It’s easy to use, and incredibly portable!

Things to consider If you choose to use the Solly Baby Wrap, you’ll have to switch to a carrier with more support and positioning options after a few months of use. The lightweight fabric, while great in Singapore, may not work in colder environments.

Price US$69.00
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Best Front-Facing Carrier

3. BabyBjorn Original Baby Carrier


BabyBjorn is a household name in the world of baby carriers. Quick and secure with just a couple of buckles, it’s easy to get your baby in and out of it, even after they’ve fallen asleep!

What we love It’s far less bulky than others, making it a great on-the-go carrier. Parents also find it easy to put on, and there aren’t too many bells and whistles to overcomplicate things. Sometimes, simple and effective is best!

Things to consider It’s only designed for babies up to six months old, so you’ll have to swap it out for another carrier sooner rather than later. The lack of a waist belt may also lead to backaches and shoulder strains for some parents. Parents who prefer back-carrying may also not appreciate the lack of such options.

Price $119.20
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Best All-Rounded Carrier

4. Egrobaby Omni 360


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Big brother babywearing for the win! Love love love this, @hanamik! 💞⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ #babieswearingbabies #lovecarrieson #bigbrother #snugglemeclose #inmyergo #babywearingFTW

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The Egrobaby Omni 360 is “newborn ready”, even without the need for an infant insert. Parents looking for a long-term carrier will be glad that it can be used with babies starting at just 3.2 kg! The privacy hood and adjustable straps also allows mums to comfortably breastfeed on-the-go.

What we love This carrier allows for multiple carrying positions, up till your little one is about 15 kg! The padded shoulder straps and wide waistband are also favourites, providing good support and preventing strains. The Egrobaby Omni 360 carrier is also easily adjustable, allowing you to share with your spouse or other caregivers.

Things to consider Some parents may find it difficult to put it on, as there are a few buckles to secure. It may also be a little costly for those on a budget, with more affordable carriers with similar features available.

Price $287.10
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Best Carrier for Toddlers

5. Tula Ergonomic Carrier (Toddler)


Toddlers are walking but their little legs need rest, hence you need a carrier for them too! But with most carriers targeted towards infants, it can be difficult to find a good one for your growing child. It’s no wonder why Tula has a loyal cult following, with their carriers being so popular! The toddler-sized model works for babies 11 to 27 kg. Available in fun prints, they also release limited edition patterns from time to time.

What we love This carrier can be worn either in the front or back, and is made out of a lightweight, breathable canvas that’s 100 per cent cotton. Parents have said it’s comfortable for both the wearer and Baby! It’s also easy to put on, and its ergonomic shape helps prevent strains and aches. The gorgeous prints and patterns don’t hurt either!

Things to consider Parents have remarked that the sizing may be a little too big for smaller tots. There’s also no zip pocket, making it a little more difficult to store keys or spare change. The straps on the carrier could also be a little bulky for petite caregivers.

Price $209.00
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Be it your little newborn, or your growing toddler, finding a comfortable carrier for both wearer and Baby is important. You’ll be carrying your little one for long periods of time, so finding a carrier with good support is also paramount. With this list of baby carriers, we hope you’ll be able to find the most suitable one for your Bub!

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Best Baby Carriers to Hold Baby Close to your Heart Everywhere you Go