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Get Better Petrol Savings to Fuel the Cost of Car Ownership in Singapore

Owning a car in Singapore is infamously expensive. Whether you need it for work or are parents who have to ferry the kids around, better fuel savings are always welcome.

Despite the comprehensive public transport system in Singapore, many Singaporeans still require their own set of wheels, often due to work or when they’re starting a family. But the cost of car ownership is often prohibitive with the volatile prices of COE tacked onto the already high purchase price. That’s not even taking into account insurance premiums, road tax, ERP, maintenance fees, parking, and of course, fuel costs. So what can we do to get the most out of the fuel we spend on? Here are some helpful tips:

1. Apply Steady Pressure To The Accelerator Pedal

When you’re on the road, be aware of your driving habits. Constantly braking then accelerating again is a waste of fuel, so try to avoid doing this by looking ahead at all times. By anticipating and steering around upcoming obstacles, you’ll be able to maintain the car’s speed and momentum. Also, coast where possible and always apply steady pressure to the accelerator pedal to avoid burning excess fuel. This makes for a safer and less bumpy ride for the kids in the back seat too!

2. Plan Ahead and Use Less Petrol

Convenience comes along with car ownership, and it’s easy to drive out again to grab something we forgot. However, several short trips tend to be heavier on fuel consumption, as cold engines burn more fuel to get up to the ideal running temperature. So prepare those shopping lists, and run as many errands as possible in a single trip. And if it’s not that far, why not leave the car behind and jog or cycle there instead? It’s good exercise and eco-friendly too!

3. Keep Your Car Aerodynamic

Car manufacturers usually design to maximise fuel efficiency, so avoid making mods. Those cool-looking spoilers may look aerodynamic, but they actually increase wind resistance. The same goes for thicker and wider tyres, as well as roof racks, which add drag. Similarly, avoid overloading your car boot with excessive weight and keep the windows closed. Open windows create more wind resistance and of course, make your air-con work harder.

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4. Use Technology to Avoid Traffic Jams

Your vehicle idling on the roads means you’re burning petrol for zero mileage. So try not to be caught in traffic jams needlessly − it’s frustrating for you and a fuel drain too. To curb this, check Google Maps for current traffic conditions so that you can avoid congested roads. Simply point the GPS to your real-time location and turn on the traffic layer in the Google Maps app on your smartphone. Green is good, orange is slow and red is − well, something to avoid! Also, if you’re waiting to pick the kids up from school, for instance, it’s best to switch the engine off.

5. Check That Your Fuel Cap Is Tightly Closed

When was the last time you checked your fuel cap? A lot of fuel can be lost to evaporation, which means you’re not getting as much mileage as you think. So remember to double-check that the fuel cap is on tight after fuelling up at the petrol station. While you’re there, it’s a good idea to check on your tyre pressure as well. Under-inflated tyres can reduce fuel economy by up to five per cent, a complete waste of fuel and money!

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6. Service Your Car Regularly

Just like six-monthly visits to the dentist, it’s a good idea to have your vehicle serviced regularly. By the time something breaks down, it’s likely your car has already been working harder to compensate. This probably means it’s also been burning more fuel than necessary. During routine servicings, parts such as air filters and spark plugs are inspected and cleaned, which means your car keeps running in its optimum state and fuel efficiency.

7. Use DBS Esso Card To Enjoy Savings Of Up to 27.6%

Even with many factors beyond our control, the most obvious way to save is by spending less on fuels. But parents often need to ferry their kids up and down every day – to school, to tuition and enrichment classes, to childcare centres and grandparents’ homes, and so on. With all the kilometres racked up each day, the more discounts on fuel, the better!

If you don’t already have the DBS Esso Card, then it’s time to jump on that bandwagon. For one thing, you get attractive savings on premium petrol – the latest promotion boasts savings of up to 27.6%!

And even if you don’t have the DBS Esso Card, all other DBS Cardholders still enjoy up to 24.9% savings when you fuel up at Esso.

8. Paying for Premium Petrol Pays

Another way to save on car maintenance costs is to keep your vehicle in good running condition. This is particularly important when you have your little darlings in the backseat. As a parent, your family’s safety is your priority and one of the ways to ensure the vehicle runs smoothly is to use premium petrol.

Just like your family, your car performs best when it’s cared for. Esso Synergy™ Supreme+ protects your engines and helps provide a deeper engine clean as you drive. This means higher engine efficiency and better fuel economy – yes, your petrol actually takes you farther! It contains a friction modifier additive and corrosion inhibitor to help reduce wear and tear on the engine. Esso Synergy™ Supreme+ also improves engine responsiveness, meaning a better performing and smoother driving experience.

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9. There Are More Perks!

For your convenience, DBS Esso Cardholders enjoy automatic enrolment into the Esso Smiles Driver Rewards programme. Benefits include instant fuel redemption with Smiles Points earned on fuel purchases at Esso. Of course, you can also use the DBS Esso Card for all your other expenses. You’ll receive one Smiles Point for every $10 charged to the card, which can go towards more fuel redemption!

Besides fuel, you can use Smiles Points to redeem a range of rewards from household appliances to shopping vouchers. We also like the 0% interest-free instalment payment plan for motor insurance and road tax. When you sign up from now till 31 December 2018, you’ll also enjoy 0% administrative fee! Check out www.essosmiles.com.sg for the full list of Smiles Drivers Rewards.

Remember, you get up to 27.6% fuel savings on Esso Synergy™ Supreme+ at Esso from 1 July to 31 August 2018. Click here to sign up for your DBS Esso Card now!

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