Science Centre Singapore (SCS) opened the doors of its latest exhibition, Interplay, to the public last Saturday, the 30th of May 2015. I was part of a media entourage that was given a tour of the new immersive exhibition that combines art, science and technology, just a day before its grand opening.

Interplay is the product of the amalgamation of an outpour of creative juices and energy of a mix of international and local artists. It has all culminated in a playful presentation of art and science, aimed at intriguing the minds and senses of visitors. The exhibition is part of SCS’s ongoing collaboration with world-renowned digital media institution Ars Electronica, which has its roots in Austria. Both establishments aim to bring radical, inspiring and modern science exhibitions to the fore. The essence of this latest collection is meant to reflect the interconnectedness of digital technology with our everyday lives.


So what can you and the kids look forward to when you make a trip to Interplay? Well, there are a total of 21 interactive exhibits to spark conversations with, so be sure to put aside a minimum of two hours to cover them all! Some of these exhibits, which I reckon will really enchant the young ones, include:

1. Recollection Six

This one’s an astounding work of art that is a collaboration between the visitor and the artist. The interactive installation allows the participant to move while positioning himself in front of a huge video screen. Movements are recorded by a camera and transmitted to a computer with special image processing capabilities. Your silhouette or outline is extracted, assigned a colour, and projected onto the screen. The images build up over time and create a mind-blowing multi-hued painting based on your movements. The colours are simultaneously rotated, creating an animation in “real time”! At any one point of time, a whopping 256 colours can be displayed on the screen! Kids can learn a thing or two about colour, form, movement and computer graphics!


2. Deep Space

This is bound to be a hit with all fans of 3D! Visitors to Deep Space (featured above) can experience the micro and macro-cosmos in sharp images. You can travel to faraway or long-gone destinations and witness things you have never seen before! Embark on a journey through the gigantic universe or even fill an ocean with marvellous sea critters of your own design! This incredibly beautiful exhibit promises enchantment for visitors on a whole new level! Take your time to marvel at the impressive graphics from the opposing realms of science and art.

3. Kinetic Light Sculpture

The product of renowned physicist, Paul Friedlander, this exhibit uses colours from a chromastrobe in quick succession, mixed with a rotating rope that is attached to two fixed points, to awe visitors with a visual medley of light and motion. Once set in motion, the spinning rope becomes invisible to the human eye. The different colours from the chromastrobe will be revealed in rapid succession as light reflects off the rope. The kids are sure to be left spellbound for a good few minutes! Have I also mentioned that this installation is eight metres tall? (featured below)


Ms. Manuela Naveau, Head of Ars Electronica Export, shares that “Interplay is an embodiment of Ars Electronica, which has been focusing on the links between art, technology and society since we first began. By assembling and presenting influences from different perspectives and ways of thinking, this exhibition will be a place of inquiry, discovery, experimentation and exploration for all who come through its doors.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Interplay is a splendid location to spend a day of your children’s June school holidays at! It officially runs till 16 August 2015 at the Annexe Hall of Science Centre Singapore. Tickets are priced at $9 for children and $13 for adults.

For more information on Interplay, click here.


All images are courtesy of Science Centre Singapore. Ticket prices are accurate at the time of publication.

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