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Any Good Malay Massage lady to recommend

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by beaglesg, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. beaglesg

    beaglesg New Member

    Hi, I'm due to deliver in Feb 2005.
    Would like to know more abt the package for the post-natal massage. What is the present market rate for each visit and usually how many session do we need.
  2. zcl1712

    zcl1712 New Member

    hi beaglesg, which part of singapore do u stay? The malay lady who massaged for me prefers to move around in the east area. V. friendly.
  3. live

    live New Member

    hi melody
    wat your massage lady offers in terms of pricing & how long...? I am also delivering in the beginning of feb... also looking for a post-natal massage lady... but i stay in jurong...
  4. live

    live New Member

    hi melody
    wat your massage lady offers in terms of pricing & how long...? I am also delivering in the beginning of feb... also looking for a post-natal massage lady... but i stay in jurong...
  5. beaglesg

    beaglesg New Member

    Hi melody,

    I stay in Seng Kang- North East.
  6. zcl1712

    zcl1712 New Member

    I did a consecutive 7 days massage. Each lasted about 1hr - 1hr 30min. It costs $300. Not sure if the price has changed since July 04. You can try and contact the her, we call her Siti Auntie, 94562100.
  7. vig

    vig New Member

    hi melody,

    is this auntie siti gd? effective?
  8. zcl1712

    zcl1712 New Member

    I felt she is good. She is able to tell u whether there's any blood clot, etc. As for effective, to me yes. I started my message 5 days after i gave birth (natural) with 34" waist and by end of the 7-day session, it was reduced to 31" with all the night herbal soup n stuff taken prepared by my MIL.
  9. apple04

    apple04 New Member

    Hi Melody,

    Does her package included all the stuff eg.binding cloth,massage oil n transport?
  10. apple04

    apple04 New Member

    Hi Vig,Well

    Did u use Auntie Siti during yr confinement for yr massage? Is it gd? Me gg to due nxt mth...still looking for gd n affordable massage lady!
  11. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Would like to recommend my massage lady. She is very good but price may be a bit ex for some of you. Interested, do PM me for her contact.
  12. apple04

    apple04 New Member

    Hello Snowpooher,wat is yr massage lady charges per session n duration of massage? Does it include binding cloth,massage oil n transport?
  13. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    apple04, she charges $450 for 6 sessions (5 massage + 1 scrub). If I remember correctly. Duration is 45 mins per session. It includes massage with oil, binding with herbs for 1st 5 session and last session is scrub with salt. It is a bit expensive, but I find it worth. Cos I read from other forumers that they paid cheaper but still got how many kgs to get rid off.

    Transport? You mean need to pay for transport? No, it is included. If you are interested, PM me and I give you the contacts, so that you can speak to her directly.

    I'm not earning any commission, just want to intro her cos she is really very good. My tummy went flat after the 1st session and I got back my pre-pregnancy weight after the 3rd session. Though I have finished my post natal massage, I still call her to drop by for massage to relax my body.

    She is also a good listener. I was so sad during my confinement and she kept on consoling me. [​IMG]
  14. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Hi gals, for those who are interested. Do look out on TCS 8 soon (either end of this May or early June)... my massage lady has been invited by TCS to do a feature to show how she does the massage, binding and salt scrub.

    For those who PM me, do look out for the show and you will know how the massage lady will "do to your body" [​IMG]

    Also, do let me know your feedback on her if you decided to get her. I think she is really good leh.

  15. babybliss

    babybliss New Member

  16. sunset

    sunset New Member


    me interested too..can i hv her contacts too?

  17. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Hi Mel, sorry, I din come into this thread often... Only saw your message today. Have emailed you the contacts.

    sunset, have emailed you too.
  18. kitty__bear

    kitty__bear New Member

    Hi Snowpooher,

    Sorry to side-track a bit. I am not pregnant but just want to check if yr massage lady does massage for people who wants to tone and reduce fats at the tummy and thigh area??
  19. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    kitty bear, she does massage for non preggies as well but I'm not sure if she does for your requirement. You wanna call to check with her?
  20. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    kitty bear, I PM you the contacts.
  21. tuffy

    tuffy Active Member

    Hi snowpooher,

    I watched the programme and saw how she does the binding. Am wondering - do you have problem sitting down with the binding? It looks like it covered quite a bit of the hips... Also, can I check if the oils have any strong smell cos I am wondering if that affects the BF....
  22. mngo

    mngo Active Member

    i share the same massage lady as snow. we dun hv problem sitting down with bind. oil wont affect BF cos i BF too
  23. babykhoo

    babykhoo Member

    mngo & snowpooher,

    she doesn't massage the breast area rite?? tats wat she told me.
  24. tuffy

    tuffy Active Member

    Thanks mngo! would she help massage the breast area if you have blocked ducts?
  25. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    Gals, out for course, so no time to reply. Yea... mngo intro to me the massage lady.

    Tuffy, no prob with sitting down lah. As you move around, the binding will start to loosen a bit. Some more, the massage lady will adjust till you are comfortable one lor. You where not comfortable then tell her, she will redo. I dun find the oil strong smell. After massage, she will use a towel to clean then apply powder, so won't be too sticky. No prob with BFing. So far din ask her on the blocked ducts, so I dunno.

    babykhoo, she doesn't massage breast area cos we on BFing.
  26. mngo

    mngo Active Member

    babykhoo, tuffy
    she does not. I know some does though....
  27. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    I went to a massaging palour today. Call Javanese Traditional sth... Wa, very good and cheap aah... They really know which part is stress, trying to bluff by acting not painful but they could feel the "clot" vein.
  28. hoshi5

    hoshi5 Member

    Hi snowpooher,
    can i check with ur whether the massage lady also does massaging for middle-age woman with stiff joints? My MIL is thinking of getting the massage lady to massage her, after she has finished massaging me.... thanks!
  29. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    hoshi5, she does...
  30. qiqi0505

    qiqi0505 New Member

  31. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    QiQi0505, emailed liao.
  32. tuffy

    tuffy Active Member

    Hi snowpooher! thanks for the info!!
  33. kitty__bear

    kitty__bear New Member

    Hi Snowpooher,

    Tks for the info.
  34. spidy

    spidy Member

    Hi snowpooher,

    Can i have the contact number of the massage lady as well? My email is yinlee@singnet.com.sg

    Many thanks!![​IMG]
  35. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    spidy, emailed you [​IMG]
  36. kyen

    kyen New Member

  37. spidy

    spidy Member

    Thanks snowpooher! [​IMG]
  38. rine

    rine Member

  39. kelly_koh

    kelly_koh New Member

    Hi snowpooher,

    Can email me her contact as well?? genieceline@yahoo.com.sg

    Do we need to pre-book her? Or can call her for booking after delivery??
  40. rine

    rine Member

    mngo, is it effective for you as well? did your stomach go flat after 1 session like snowpooher? you lost all weight by 3rd session? i just booked her... snowpooher really motivates us... wish i can lose all the weight by the 6th session.
  41. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    kyen, kelly koh, jane, emailed you.

    Kelly, when you call the massage lady, you check with her. I'm not too sure now cos she seems to be very busy these days ler. I have to book her at least 1 week advance for normal massage.

    BTW Jane, when I said flat after first session, is not completely flat hor. I think you got the wrong concept that this massage is for slimming down after birth. The most impt for such massage is to "push" your uterus back to place so that won't have urine leak problem, and to get rid of wind and water retention. Yes, the binding part does help to slim down the tummy very fast. But I think it depends on individual's body.
  42. mngo

    mngo Active Member

    Hi Jane
    Yes, after 1 session my stomach went flat so much. I din lost all my weight in 3rd session as i am alredy very light.
  43. celyw

    celyw Active Member

    Dear mngo & snowpooher,

    May I know how much and how many sessions for post natal massage?? Thank you.
  44. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    $450 for 6 sessions (5 massage + 1 scrub).
  45. bookworm

    bookworm New Member

    hi snowpooher

    she does pre natal massage?
  46. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    bookworm, yes.
  47. apple_d

    apple_d New Member

    Hi snowpooher,
    Just came on this thread, am also interested in getting your massage lady. Can I have her contacts too? Thks so much!

    Email to: gteo1412@yahoo.com
  48. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

    apple, replied your mail.
  49. apple_d

    apple_d New Member

    Thks, snowpooher. [​IMG]
  50. penguiinn

    penguiinn New Member

    hi snowpooher can i have the contact number of the massage lady as well?


  51. june_g

    june_g Member

  52. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

  53. kkmum

    kkmum Member

    I'd love to also recommend my masseue, her name's Rohaya.

    Rohaya is GREAT!!! 94506374
    Her back massage is wonderful too!
    She's not the normal older Malay lady, she's well trained, even have a certificate.
    She's also trained for Shiatsu, etc.

    Just to share with you my eperience with Rohaya:
    I did not have any post natal massage after giving birth to my 1st kid.
    But this time round, since I managed to save a little from getting a confinement lady, I decided to try out post natal massage.

    Upon seeing me, she could tell that I've "scoliosis", curved spine. And she helped me to correct my back a little. She was also telling me that my scoliosis is what that has caused my backaches and hunch. With subsequent birthings, if not taken care properly, my curved spine will deteriorate. I did not really believe, but upon 1 time of massage, my back feels better.

    Her massages are not just relaxing ones, but healing ones as well, depending on where you need.

    She also helps to drain of the excess flesh on my back. Can also tell if my large intestines are empty, my body temp is the cooler type, i.e. do not sweat much, etc. She's also UK trained, so she'll see what your body needs and do the necessary. She has studied the anatomy of the body before. Upon massaging, she can also tell if my internal organs are back to original place already or not.

    As for my tummy, upon one day of binding, I managed to see my waist a little, kekeke. Today, can see that it's quite flat, can wear midriff soon....hahaha!
  54. skinnytall

    skinnytall New Member

    hi ladies,
    anyone know when can start massage after C-section birth?

    how is the charge from your masseue?
  55. mngo

    mngo Active Member

    c-section birth can start 2 weeks after
  56. lanichua

    lanichua New Member


    I know some women start their massage about 2 weeks after c-section. I had a c-section too, and when I asked my gynae whether I can start my massage, he said cannot and must wait at least 2 mths. He said externally the stitches may heal and look alright, but the stitches inside may not have healed properly yet and may break if the massage lady happens to massage that area. So as a precaution I waited 2 mths lor, before starting my massage. I think it's totally up to the individual, but for me I wanted to be safe rather than sorry. Anyway, at 2 weeks post delivery, I was still having slight pains and discomfort, so I was not comfortable with the idea of starting my massage too early.
  57. doodbug

    doodbug New Member

    Hi mngo & snowpooher, can i have the contact of your massage lady pls? Thanks. my email address is doodbug@gmail.com
  58. snowpooher

    snowpooher Active Member

  59. enya

    enya New Member

    anyone tried rose from goldenwellness before?
  60. jany

    jany New Member

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