Yummy Fruit Puree for babies


Is your baby nearing 6 months it's better to feed them with puree. Fruit purees are the best to start to the babies while we are introducing your little one to solids. Fruit purees are easy to digest, easy-to-eat, and are packed with nutrients that are important for the overall development of the baby. You can start with one fruit puree and try to gradually increase the combination by adding two or more fruits in their diet.
It is advisable to feed a single fruit puree till the baby is six months old. Introduce new fruits at 2 – 3 days time gap. Better consult with the pediatrician before feeding any new foods to your baby. Fruits such as apple, mango, pear, peaches, chikku, papaya, cherries, and berries can be given in the pureed form to the babies. The most common and more nutritional puree is apple+banana+mango puree as these fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals which are essential for the growing babies.
Pear and plum puree as these fruits are rich in vitamin C, K and papaya puree are rich in protein, fiber which are essential for 8 months baby. Always remember that solid foods cant replace the nutritious breastmilk provides during the first year of the baby's growth.

Rohit Tiwari

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Thanks for the information. Some organic foods can also do wonders. I know one Happa Foods which provides purees and porridges of different combination of fruits and vegetables. You can get it from website itself, amazon, flipkart and first cry