WTS: "Usborne Pocket" Series with Internet Link (Set of 4 books)


I am letting go of the following 4 nos of pre-loved books under the "Usborne Pocket" Series from my reference shelves, as my kids have out-grown it.

The titles are :
1. The Usborne Pocket Scientist (The Red Book) /w internet links
2. The Usborne Pocket Scientist (The Blue Book) /w internet links
3. The Usborne Pocket Artist w/internet links
4. The Usborne Pocket Nature w/internet links

I am letting go of these 4 very informative books as a set because they are from the same series and it would be pointless for me to be left over with 1 or 2 books.

The Pocket series is essentially a compilation of all the Usborne mini books that were released previously as single copies into 4 main complete volumes. That is why it is so thick especially the Pocket Scientist books which have 250+ pages. Do note that this set of 4 books you see here are a complete set, meaning there is no need to pursue other pocket series as you have basically owned everything in these 4 volumes. The other good thing is that these books are small size, lighter and highly portable. Your kid can carry it anywhere with them such as outings, vacations overseas where they can easily take out for a quick read to keep themselves occupied.

Do note also that these are rare books. You may find one or two in the market but quite impossible to attain the whole series (esp Artist and Nature) as they are already out of print. Even if you can get your hands on these books, I am quite confident it will not be in the condition that I am offering.

Overall Condition: Tip top, Clean, Dust free, scratch free and as good as new
Cover Condition: All in Hard cover and well maintained with no dents, crease, stains, writing, blunted corners, etc
Page Condition: Excellent with no bends, creases, food, beverage or oil stains, dog ears, tear, fold, missing pages and writing.


These are very good children's educational NON FICTION books to get them into the habit of reading and in Usborne's professional way. They are illustrated in a manner that is easy to understand, captivating, entertaining and organised and will not intimidate and discourage your kid through the fun way in which the facts are presented. Getting this set is a good way to kick start your kid on non fiction books and especially make a great collection for your children's home library for your kid's reference purpose if you are thinking of starting one at home the same way as I had done.

These books retailed at S$15 each except Pocket Scientist Blue which cost me $19. These 4 books cost me $64. I will be selling the whole lot in 1 go at $30 (NETT). That is 53% less.

All items will be sold "As Is" in USED condition.

Collection to be at Woodlands MRT or Causeway Point after 7pm (Mon-Fri) as that is the time I am off work.

Message or Whatsapp me at 98761275 to enquire or to fix a mutually agreeable date for collection.


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