WTS: Preloved Dewinguler PlayMat/PlayYard/BabyCot/LearningHome


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Hello Mommys and Daddys,

We are going to relocation and would like to let the following preloved baby items go, please contact: +65 91867103 (What's app preferred) if you are keen on them :)

1)Preloved Dewinguler 康乐 Tiger Picnic Play Mat (2 sides)

Dimensions: L size 230cm x 140cm x 1.5cm(Thickness)
Weight: 12 kg
Production: made in Korea
Condition: 8/10 (with original box)
Market price: 329 SGD
Sell price: 90 SGD
More information: http://dwinguler.com.sg/product-tiger.html
Comment: Very very good materials, very suitable for baby/toddler, we loved it a lot!
Tiger-Picnic(L).jpg babytoy02.jpg babytoy03.jpg babytoy04.jpg

2)Preloved Nice Spacious Play Yard

Brand: Twelve Color Fairy Tale
Size: 10 panes(250cm x 150cm after installed), 1 Gate bar +1 Game Bar + 8 blockbuster
Condition: 8/10 (with original box)
Market price: 280 SGD
Sell price: 80 SGD
Picture: Below 1st pic is photo taken at home, 2nd pic is quoted from the factory
Comment: Very suitable for baby/toddler, spacious play area, we loved all its details!
babytoy05.jpg TB2mtzxcC_I8KJjy0FoXXaFnVXa_!!1914745488 (1).jpg

3) Fisher price Learning Home

Brand: Fisher Price
Condition: 7/10
Market price: 150 SGD
Sell price: 30 SGD
Comment: a lot of very fun function and learnings, 1-4 age kids all like it!

4) Baby Cot (made of Wood)

Brand: Xiao Shuo Shi
Material: 桃花心木 frame with mattress
Condition: 8/10
Market price: 200 SGD
Sell price: 50 SGD
Comment: Made of very good wood, height can be adjusted, side bar can be folded
babytoy06.jpg 21530181742206_940.jpg
Package (Preferred):

If get both mat and yard: 160 SGD
If get both mat, yard and learning home: 180 SGD
If get both mat ,yard, learning home and Baby Cot: 220 SGD​

Sorry there is no delivery provided, need to self pickup at Emerald Garden 069415 (4-5 minutes walk from Telok Ayer MRT station)

Pickup time: 7:00pm-9:00pm in workdays or 10:00am-2:00pm in weekends​

Contact: +65 91867103 (What's app preferred)

Thanks very much for reading this and Have a Great Day! :)