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Brand new ELC cot spiral (Blossom Farm)
Great accessory for the cot, car seats or prams & helps keep babies stimulated and entertained.
Suitable from birth

Selling @ $30 (retail price of $39)

FullSizeRender-3.jpg blossom farm cot spiral.jpgBlossom farm cot spiral 2.jpg

Soft cot spiral toy
Fun textures
Bright colours
Friendly animal characters
Mirror for self discovery

The Blossom Farm Spiral Wraparound simply wraps around the bar of your little one's cot, allowing them to discover the soft textures, bright colours and friendly farm animals. Featuring adorable Blossom Farm characters, a flower mirror and a bead rattle, this cot toy is perfect for stimulating the senses and encouraging your little one to grasp at and feel the toys. The Spiral Wraparound can also be used with pushchairs and car seats, so your little one always has their favourite toy with them.