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Discussion in 'Want To Buy' started by shiang, May 20, 2018.

  1. shiang

    shiang Member

    PLease advise price and collection.

  2. PlanStork

    PlanStork Member

    Free. pick up at redhill. 2 points.
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  3. serenetangh

    serenetangh Member

    17 points currently for $3.50 inclusive postage or Sengkang collection....
    Last edited: May 22, 2018
  4. I have 50 points @ $0.20 each.

    Meet up in Jurong East or buyer top up for postage.
  5. md1025

    md1025 New Member

    Hihi I'd like to get NTUC bonus points to redeem the Corelle Peanuts collection. Have currently 9 7-11 stickers/stamps (for redemption of the LINE/Sanrio characters containers) if anyone would like to do an exchange? Preferably in the Woodlands/CCK/Yew Tee areas...
  6. kittymay

    kittymay Member

    I can exchange with you for your 7-11 stickers.
    Pm you.
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  7. md1025

    md1025 New Member

    What would be a convenient time to pick them up? Thanks in advance
  8. md1025

    md1025 New Member

    Will whatsapp you shortly
  9. pebblestones76

    pebblestones76 Active Member

    I have around 100 points for sale.
  10. PlanStork

    PlanStork Member

    Weekdays 8-9pm usually I’m home alr. Pm me, I give u my address. Near redhill market and mrt.
  11. md1025

    md1025 New Member

    Hihi, it's ok, I've alrdy gotten enough to redeem what I want. Thanks for the offer once again and have a good day ahead

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