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Work from Home and Earn Extra Income

Discussion in 'Year 2007 Mums' started by chon0028, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. chon0028

    chon0028 Member

    Hi! I am a mumpreneur with a group of mummies running our online business.

    Are you struggling with paying the bills, classes for your kids, monthly expenses, etc.?
    In a dilemma of quitting your job to be with the kids?
    Why not generate your own income while raising a family?
    If there is a way to improve the situation, would you be open to find out more?

    We have been gone through it and we can understand how you feel.

    Come join our group of mummy entrepreneurs and create the financial freedom which can be inherited by your children! We learn, share and grow in this online platform together.

  2. Kate Kross

    Kate Kross New Member

  3. Helen Harper

    Helen Harper New Member

  4. Kate33

    Kate33 New Member

    It is really very convenient! I have been working like this for a long time.
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