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Whatsgroup chat for oct/ 2013 mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by spyvonne, May 29, 2013.

  1. spyvonne

    spyvonne New Member

    hello dear mummies,

    fb is kinda slow. and since im pretty free, im opening whatsapp groupchat to some mummies.

    interested pls pm me for my number as i dont want post it here. (alot agents, sellers etc.. lol)

    strictly not a group for u to promote any insurance or products. =)

    edd: 14 oct 2013
    hosp: tmc

  2. kristalc

    kristalc New Member

    There is already a existing watapp group and fb group for oct 13 mummy
  3. june2014

    june2014 New Member

  4. june2014

    june2014 New Member

    May I join? My girl was born 22 Oct 13.
  5. mammabear

    mammabear New Member


    How to join ur Facebook group nd watsup?? Newbie here,

    My son was born in October 2013!!

  6. Hi,

    Im also keen to join your fb and wads app.

    My baby boy born 8/10/2013.
    Esther see likes this.
  7. parissa_ling

    parissa_ling New Member

    Hi I would like to join too. My first is an oct bb
  8. mistyyy16

    mistyyy16 Member

    My first is an october baby too :)
    Hey I wonder if any of you was told to have check up regarding menstrual cycle months after giving birth?
  9. parissa_ling

    parissa_ling New Member

    Nope. But my menses haven resumed yet.
  10. mammabear

    mammabear New Member

    Hi misty,
    If you are breast feeding, ur menses must take bit long to return!!
  11. parissa_ling

    parissa_ling New Member

    Sumikojoy seems like we need to form one ourselves...
  12. mammabear

    mammabear New Member

    Yeah, let's do it!!
  13. allanlynne

    allanlynne Member

    Hihi can i join.??
    Both my girls are Oct babies, 2012 and 2013.
    (Myself too :p)
  14. zestypops

    zestypops New Member

    Hi- can I join too? My son was born on 10 Oct 2013. Thanks!
  15. wingz

    wingz New Member

    Hi there, can I join in the whatsapp chat group too? My son was born on 3rd oct 2013 :)
  16. Esther see

    Esther see New Member

    Pmed you. Thanks
  17. Esther see

    Esther see New Member

    Hi, just realize my baby boy same birthday as your baby boy... :)
    chloejordanmum likes this.
  18. Hi Esther, are we in the same chat already? :)
  19. Esther see

    Esther see New Member

    Which group?

    Esther See
  20. Esther see

    Esther see New Member

    Can add me?
  21. valwee

    valwee New Member

    Can i join too? My daughter is born on 8oct13
  22. valwee

    valwee New Member

    My girl is the same as both of u too!
  23. meixuan

    meixuan Member

    Hi I'd love to join too! Gal bd is 19 oct 13. Pls PM me. Cheers
  24. jojo10

    jojo10 New Member

    Hi can add me too?
    My gal born 17th Oct 2013.
  25. butt8rfly

    butt8rfly New Member

    Can add me to the chat please? who to pm my number?
  26. jojo10

    jojo10 New Member

    can add to chat, who to pm for number?!
  27. CelineLina

    CelineLina New Member

    Hi ladies, I would love to join your group too. My baby girl was born on 1st of October 2013 :) We could organize a coffee altogether soon ??
  28. ulerande

    ulerande New Member

    Hi everyone, would love to join your group too. My son was born on 11 Oct 2013. Can you please add me? Cheers
  29. Librababy

    Librababy New Member


    I'll like to join too. My girl is born in oct'13. Pls let me know how do I join. Thank u
  30. MeowMummy

    MeowMummy New Member

    Can I join too, my boy born on 19Oct 2013
  31. luckystar269

    luckystar269 New Member

  32. Alicia Chua

    Alicia Chua New Member

    Hi, can I join the whatsapp chat group.
    my son is born in Feb ' 13.
    I'm looking for a playgroup to enroll him in cck.
    hope to let him make some friends.
    thanks. .
  33. Jonathan Jong

    Jonathan Jong New Member

    Can my wife join pls twin boy and girl born 16 oct 2013. Who do I send my wife's phone number pls? Thanks.​
  34. j.tcs

    j.tcs New Member

    hi please send me a pm on who should we contact. would like to join. thank you.
  35. summer child

    summer child New Member


    I would like to join the group, too.
    My daughter was born 20/2/2013.
    Thank you very much.
  36. Serenityrose

    Serenityrose New Member

    I'm keen too. A support group or play date would be good
  37. Joey_838

    Joey_838 New Member

    Hi, can I join the whatsapp chat group?
    my son is born on 24 Oct 2013.
  38. Azel Chen

    Azel Chen New Member

    Hi, can i join the chatgroup? My child is born in 2013 :)
  39. huisang1984

    huisang1984 Member

    Hi can i still join the grp?my boy born in 26/01/13

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