TTC Group Chat


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Ladies, I’m new here and been ttc for half year for now. Would really keen to find out if there is any groupchat in WhatsApp or any form of channel out there for ladies like me in order to have any form of support or a platform to share feelings/ recommendations. As time goes by I find myself getting more stressful even thou trying hard to be positive and taking it easy.

FT Lady

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Hello, I think the group chat is full. I would like to create another telegram chat group. Let me know if anyone would like to join me. Ping me. Thanks!


just FYI there is a new thread started by claun who's opening a new TTC chat grp. Do approach her. So sorry cos our chat grp's full.


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Would like to start a group chat for ladies over 40y old like me and ttc, as I believe our needs and protocols are different. Please PM me if you would like to join the discussions?


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Hi Ladies, I have created a group chat for ladies who are ttc for 1 Yr plus abv like me. Slot will be cap at 20 pax. Sorry ya.