Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence


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Hi, folks.
Hoping to seek advice here.

I've been trying Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence, for planning pregnancy for the past 6 months. I'm intending to go for my frozen embryo transfer (FET), someday in mid Feb (estimate 20-feb).

My FET will be at SGH Care. From 1-Feb, doctor will prescribe me with oral tablets. Can anyone advise me,
(1) whether I should stop the TYX essence once I start consuming the oral tablets?
(2) or is it still ok for me to consume the TYX essence together with the oral tablets?

I've tried to ask staff st TYX. Not much opinions can be offered.


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I just gave birth to my baby girl last month ago and been drinking the Yudian chicken essence before I got pregnant until now. I was in your situation last time when i am still planning for pregnancy and I asked the Yudian staff if it's safe or not and they are friendly enough to introduce me everything.

They have told me that it's safe that you drink everyday along with oral tablets since their chicken essence is natural, no herbs or other ingredients added. unlike TYX im not too familiar with their ingredients... so im not sure if it's ok to drink along with oral tablets.

When im planning my pregnancy, i've been drinking Yudian essence along with my oral tablets and now up until now i still drink for my post pregnancy... to gain back my immune system. I hope this comment will helps you somehow! goodluck on your pregnancy jia you!! :)