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Support for Gestational Diabetes Mummies~

Discussion in 'Year 2016 Mums' started by Sereneleee, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. dnegreat

    dnegreat New Member

    im at my 31 week and was diagnose with GD at week 28. have been struggling with it and feeling all stressed up abt it ever since.
    regardless what i eat; no carbo, bland food, no oil, no sauce.. my readings still spike
    i can wake up with a reading of 7 in the morning, even with fasting the night before.
    Personally im not sure abt the diet that was adviced by ODAC.. i have read in this thread unpleasant experiences there and i can totally relate.

    One afternoon, the nurse called me to ask for my reading after lunch. it was unusually high and i was so stressed up abt it.
    To make matter worse, she started questioning what i ate, the portion.. and even to the extend of how much was my lunch.
    When i told her my lunch was $8 for a bowl of fish soup, she commented that i may have over-ordered and ate more than i was suppose to since most fish soup was $4-$5.
    Firstly, food ard my workplace is not cheap.. and that stall of fish soup is known to charge that price. secondly i didnt even drink the soup and only ate 1/2 bowl of rice.
    Broke down after the call cos i felt so insulted, like im an uncontrollable kid who went on an eating rage, but obviously i didnt and have been controlling and its just not working. felt so misunderstood and judged.

    Met my gyane 1 week later and told him i dont buy the ODAC diet of 12 table spoons of rice each meal. i told him thats too much for me. he agreed the diet they gave is a template and does not work for everyone. since i have been monitoring what i eat and tallying it with the readings, i should know better. i did notice when i eat salad and boiled meat with no sauce, the readings come down abit but they are still abv the limit and hovers between 7-8.

    Gynae is giving me another 1 week to monitor and stick to my diet of boiled meat and salad with no sauce and no oil.. if the readings can be kept below 8 i can do wo insulin. so im really trying my best this week. wish me luck :)

    Wondering if there are mummies over here who are experiencing the same as me? i read thru the thread and seems like most of you here are still managing it quite well. keep it up!

  2. Joo35

    Joo35 Member

    Hi dnegreat. Totally understand how upset, fustrated and stressed you felt. Just know u r doing your best can already.

    The nurse may be too strict but her intention are for our interest. I also hated receiving her call and her comments. Just listen and dun put into heart.

    You are doing great already! Few more weeks more to go... hang in there!
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  3. snowfern

    snowfern Well-Known Member

    Awwwww @dnegreat I feel for you ...but you know what, you have taken the right and best steps for yourself and baby. Take heart in that, because as the doc kept harping in my 2nd trimester, diet control can only get some mummies that far, once the third trimester hormones kick in, some mummies definitely need insulin, or both baby and mummy will be nutritionally compromised.

    I think I saw your post in the fb group, great advice and support from those mamas on insulin already!
  4. Sheas84

    Sheas84 New Member

    Hi mummies, i did 7times prickinh test twice a week and then i do a test before i sleep on alternate or 'guilty' days.
    All was fine for the past 2 weeks.
    Until td, i had laksa + honey lemon for lunch. My blood level shoot to 9.4!!! I gt a shock of my life!!! Cuz the highest i have so far is 7.1 (2hrs after meal).

    So sad. I was diagnose w GD w 148mm/dl reading after the 2hrs fast.

    And i had planned to eat mos burger for dinner tn. Sobz!!!!
  5. snowfern

    snowfern Well-Known Member

    Oh dear! Did u take the gravy? I am so scared of anything containing coconut milk, and even when i take soups or braised food i dun even take any of the soup or gravy cos that's where all the hidden sugars are !!! My bet is, the honey lemon is the main culprit. Honey is as good as taking pure sugar, according to recent studies. The other culprit probably is the noodles, when I eat out, I always ask for smaller portion of rice/noodles, but the hawkers tend to be generous with pregnant ladies.....not a bad thing but not good for us with GD !!

    Dun feel too bad, just be more careful tonight , and have mos on another cheat day hee hee
  6. Sheas84

    Sheas84 New Member

    I checked my blood sugar level ard 5+ its back to 5.6. And i just ate an A1 curry puff lol. Shall take the reading again at 8.50 later.
    I drink the laksa gravy. Haha. But is coconut water ok for GD mums?
  7. snowfern

    snowfern Well-Known Member

    Hehehe if possible try not to take the gravy if you cannot resist laksa~~~ :)

    My dietitian says cannot take coconut water, and it is a myth anyway.....the vernix caseosa is a protective layer for the baby and not "dirty"....just my opinion lah
  8. Autumndew

    Autumndew Member

    My plan was to start coconut water at week 37 and I will have about 3 weeks to spread out. Didn't dare to drink earlier becos I'm worried it will be too cooling and I'll have premature labour. Then at week 37, my gynae suddenly said he planned to induce. So I drank coconut water almost everyday since then until I deliver at 38+6. My baby came out very clean and only has mild jaundice. I would like to think that these have got to do with the coconut water
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  9. snowfern

    snowfern Well-Known Member

    Although I dun believe in the benefits of coconut water for "clean" birth, all this talk of it and the scorching weather lately, I also craving some!!!

    And OH YEAAAHHH!!!!!! I was in for my 38week check at diabetes specialist and got discharged with thumbs up yay yay!!! No longer have to test regularly, just 3-4 times pre-and-post meal a week if I am unsure about the food!

    Of course I have to still maintain the GD diet till birth, but I also got new parameters for postpartum, and to follow up with polyclinic to ensure GD has gone after birth :))

    How's everyone doing?
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  10. wow! 38 week already! I can't wait till I'm there too currently almost 29 week, still on 7x a day 3x a week monitoring plus a random 1hr after meal check -_-" so far my readings are 4+ in the mornings and 5-6+ after meals but if having super high carb meal, it'll be 7+ reading.
    I still have at least 2 more visits to check on GD at 32 week and 36 week
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  11. snowfern

    snowfern Well-Known Member

    @Chocolate Chip hee time flies so quickly lo! Soon you will be missing the baby in the belly haha!

    Sounds like you are managing well, gotta watch those 7++ reads!! Naughty naughty! XP
  12. gymbunny

    gymbunny New Member

    Doing good here. Had my week 35 checkup and baby is estimated at 2.4kg which is the growth rate I was seeing earlier. So for the past 3 weeks, only gained 300g - although baby managed to gain 700g...

    Talked to my gynae about weight gain again, and he thinks that it's a misconception that mummy should gain a fixed amount of weight. As long as I'm getting sufficient and diverse nutrients from food, he's comfortable with my weight gain or even some loss. Will just going to continue with my diet and workouts - although some exercises is getting harder nowadays with belly in the way ;)

    You're almost there - good luck :)
  13. snowfern

    snowfern Well-Known Member

    @gymbunny same to you too, ganbatte!! Wah u are true to your namesake, the only exercise I get is window shopping, housework and intimate lol.

    Yeah, my weight has stagnated at 64.5 +/- 500g for the past mth, baby is kicking well and at last scan, weight is on track, so I don't care about gaining already. The new diabetes specialist I have been seeing also seems less concerned about lack of weight gain, maybe cos I'm already at the home stretch haw haw haw
  14. snowfern

    snowfern Well-Known Member

    Any mummies here told that they would be induced between 36-39 wks?
  15. Nope but I'm told will induce if
    1) baby too big/small
    2) blood sugar out of control
    3) blood pressure out of control
    4) reached 41 weeks
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  16. snowfern

    snowfern Well-Known Member

    Hmmm @Chocolate Chip my docs never really discussed it with me till today, I guess that was the most surprising even though I was mentally prepared to be induced due to my past medical history. I only thought since my bb seem to be v normal weight, maybe I should wait it out a bit more....but haiz.

    Thanks for the info! The kkh doc told me it's their guideline to offer induction to all GD mummies by 36-39 wks is why I asked....but they never offer me till today ley. Thought I could wait it out further...
  17. How many weeks are you now?
    If everything is under control and baby is healthy weight then I suppose u can wait a while more? But some Gynae don't go pass week 40
  18. snowfern

    snowfern Well-Known Member

    39 as of today....started induction liow...:p
  19. Congrats!
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  20. Rmummy

    Rmummy Member

    @snowfern may I know which doctor and hospital you were seeing for your pregnancy and diabetes
    Thank you
  21. Hi all, just want to ask if anyone is experiencing the same thing as me. I have been managing GD well with diet control and fasting blood sugar is mostly below 5.0, however, suddenly at the start of this week, it has been creeping up 5.0, 5.3 and today was 5.6! I have no idea why the sudden "out of control" symptoms, my endo is extremely strict, fasting level should be below 5.0, if it's above I'm likely have to be on insulin

    If anyone is experiencing this sudden blood sugar spike no matter what u eat, at which week did it happen and how did u manage to control in the end?
  22. Autumndew

    Autumndew Member

    I think as pregnancy progresses, your body releases more hormones so blood sugar will increase
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  23. Rmummy

    Rmummy Member

    @Chocolate Chip I totally agree with @Autumndew. As the pregnancy progress, blood sugar in our body increases also. Please eat the required 1800 calories a day. Don't eat less to avoid insulin. From my experience try to walk or do some exercise after meals. It helps to bring down the level.
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  24. evilcarebear

    evilcarebear Member

    When I was at the last few weeks of my pregnancy, my readings was above 5 no matter what I eat (i avoided carbo bcos that was what made my blood sugar spike). Thus, i had to go for walk after a meal to help bring down the reading.
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  25. snowfern

    snowfern Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the late reply, popped on 16th and have been recovering from c-sect and taking care of jaundiced bb....

    I have been with KKH subsidized all the way since wk 6. My experience has been far better than satisfactory, the care was strict but good, and managed very well even till post delivery. :) most bills paid via hubby's medisave too!
  26. snowfern

    snowfern Well-Known Member

    Hi GD mummies! Long time no chat! How are you ladies managing? I popped on 16th July via c-sect after failed induction, but am doing better now that we are getting into the routine of caring for baby and my wound...

    GD wise, my reads were beginning to normalize at week 37-38, probably cos I reduced a lot of carbs and upped my protein/fibre. After c-sect at 39w1d, they tested me 4 times fasting bsp, and my levels were still similar to pregnancy levels.

    On day 3-4 the levels started dropping. KKH put me on 1500 calorie meals, and I finished everything except the white rice, which I took only my standard 2 tbsp of. I maintained a careful 3rd trimester GD diet for 1 while week after delivery just to give my body time to adjust, was even prepared to stretch it to 6 weeks (before my ogtt) but....

    By day 9, my levels for a "normal " diet was below normal, and was told to eat more. I even had Milo for snack, doublecheese burger, cheese mushroom pie from prima, (separate snacks not one shot lol) and my fasting levels were still very low. Maybe due to my breastfeeding and constant pumping. Hba1c was 5.4, excellent according to docs. Even had mee pok ta with peach, which during pregnancy would send me into high 8s, and my 2 hr read was only 6.2! Amazing!

    I'm still careful, and moderately enjoying the foods I so sorely missed for 9 mths. I want to be of optimum health for breastfeeding, and stave off full blown type 2 diabetes for as long as I can.

    So thank you again GD mummies for all the invaluable advice and support. Really. Couldn't have done it without you all. So glad to have found this thread :) ganbatte!
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  27. snowfern

    snowfern Well-Known Member

    Also JTS, I posted some GD-related experiences in the SG gestational diabetes group, but forgot to share it here. Hope this helps give a clearer pic of what you might experience. I have been with KKH subsidized since wk6.


    Thank u mummies for all the support and constant encouragement! Bubbles and I are safely tucked away in bed, and I thought I would share my GD-related experiences after popping!

    - bring ur own glucometer

    Here in KKH subsidized ward B2+, it had been hinted at my last appt that I should bring my own glucometer or they would charge me for each read. If the clinic visit was anything to go by, that would mean an additional $12 per test before subsidy :0 I had spare lancets and strips to last me the "4th trimester", so why not.

    They still test regularly, esp if u are undergoing C-section, as 12 hrs after surgery and way before that if it is emergency C-section, u have to fast and rely on the drip for sustenance.

    - babies of GD mummies automatically undergo 24 hrs blood sugar observation

    This means for me (emer c-sect)

    *no 1 hr skin to skin. I teared up for this, strictly no allowance Haiz. Only allowed to give her a couple of kisses while they stitched me up. I never saw her again till 7 hrs later.

    *they strongly encourage formula milk to stabilize bb blood sugar, regardless of initial bb prick test result. I asked every time a nurse came by when I could see my bb, and finally they relented and admitted I could try to get her to latch after her night prick test. Also, I volunteered to express and collect my colostrum to add to her fm, and they were happy to accommodate. I had prepared syringes for this scenario, but nurse said first syringe free.

    EDIT: their syringes have a cap, so nurse did not allow me to express into my own syringe beyond the first time since she was able to latch well till full (for now), and blood sugar stable. So don't bother bringing I guess hehehe

    I suppose if you had insisted no fm, and only breastmilk, direct latch or expressed, they would accommodate, but bb might have to be put on a glucose drip if blood sugar dips too low. Not sure on their protocol as I am of the opinion that I can always work harder at getting her to latch later, solve any more serious issues first. Good thing it paid off - bb initial and subsequent reads very stable, and despite a slightly frustrating start, she managed to latch on deeply to both nipples ^_^

    - be your own judge for meals

    I managed to get a 1800 calorie meal after my 1st induction pill was inserted. This is the supposed GDM meal, but the moment it arrived I knew my reading would fail, as they had given me a full portion of white rice too. I took only half the rice, finished the soy sauce bell pepper lean pork ignoring the sauce, and stir fried Wong bok. Fished out the bittergourd cubes in the soup and ignored the liquid. And finished the 1 portion of honeydew. 6.5 :-/ pre-read was 5.2. Auto given Chinese meal, alternative is Malay meal, no western option :(

    - snack was Milo with cream crackers.
    So hubby got to have this snack, and i took my own pre-prepped nuts and cheat snack :p. You can prob ask for wholemeal crackers and skimmed milk instead, but I was rushing to the delivery suite for 2nd induction pill, and was told to snack before the insertion.

    Post insertion read - 4.8

    - From this point on, my situation worsened, so was put on drip as I had to fast in the event of an emergency c-sect. They still tested me in between my laughing gas gasps and epidural XD

    Post-op reads:

    ~2 hrs after every new packet of 5% glucose/0.9% saline drip.


    0700 - solids started, but diet now adjusted to 1500 calories instead of 1800. So I shall have to take even less of the carbs, ugh. But nurse did say she will ask the doc to stop my sugar monitoring since I have been quite stable so far.

    1020 - doc explained that for about 2 weeks, bsp and hypertension will be unstable due to hormones readjusting, so ordered to continue w bsp monitoring for a few days -_-"

    18th July
    Criteria for checking blood sugars different now, and there's a lot of confusion as to whether I am to do 7bps or 4bps. So I just prick when they tell me to. I suppose depending on whether the mummy was previously type2 diabetic, or just GD, with or without insulin.....just eat in moderation la.

    Ok. That's a long enough, overly-detailed account of my experience this far. If there are any other GD-related incidences, I'll edit this note.

    Please do not share outside of this group, thx :)
  28. Rmummy

    Rmummy Member

    @snowfern congrats on your new bundle of joy...speedy recovery from your c-sect
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  29. Su-fiona

    Su-fiona New Member

    Hi all..Just wanna share...im currently pregnant with my 6th.. Im 28 weeks and was diagnosed with GD recently and will have to attend the course and see diabetes doctor and dietitian soon.Not only was i told i have GD..i was also told my contractions that i am having is also due to high amniotic fluid.

    My gynae has given me a lowdown of risks.. Haissh...even say if my water continue to be high and i continue to have contractions.. Chances of preterm labor is there...

    Now all my food feels bland..not only i have GD.. I also have High BP..

    Of all my previous pregnancies many years ago..only this pregnancy worries me..as this is my first time have High BP and GD.
  30. snowfern

    snowfern Well-Known Member

    Wow, 6th! I was already pre-diabetic and had hypertension before pregnancy, so I feel you.

    You with kkh right? I attended the one day course at ODAC too. Found it very helpful. Although yes, it may seem like it's difficult now, on top of pregnancy pains, having to plan every meal and adjust diet...it will be worth it once you hold baby in your arms..

    This thread, along with the SG gestational diabetes FB group has helped me tremendously.


    Do join and take a look at the photos and check out the posts in the group. Plenty if useful info, as well as recipes and "cheats" for eating out, as well as lobang for blood sugar monitor strips etc!
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  31. Su-fiona

    Su-fiona New Member

    Hi snowfern....
    thanks for info..Hmm no..i am not under KKH. I am under NUH - High Risk Clinic.
    Eversince something happen which nearly caused my life n son at KKH in 2004 when i had my 4th child.. I swear off them..

    So when i had my 5th in 2007.. I delivered in NUH..and so is for my current pregnancy. I feel much taken care by NUH doctor n nurses then when in KKH..
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  32. Jpng

    Jpng Member

    Hello mummies.
    I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Baby was delivered in August and recently, I have gone for my 6weeks checkup.

    Hurray! Doctor confirmed my glucose level ok already. So those who currently are being diagnosed with GD, don't worry. By the way, my baby is 3.008kg when he was born. Not too abnormally big. Just watch your diet and things will be fine. Be a happy mummy.

    Also, I have 108 safeticet yellow lancets and 35 FreeStyle Optium blood glucose test strips left. If anyone wants to enquire about the lancets and strips, you may PM me. I have the Freestyle Optium Neo set too.
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  33. daylesford

    daylesford Well-Known Member

    Hi mommies, MTB, I had history of gestational diabetes during my first pregnancy and now am wk7. Was told that the onset of GD will occur earlier in subsequent pregnancies. Not sure if anyone of u experience this and how early into ur pregnancy did ur gynea started monitoring your sucrose levels ?
  34. Syeda123

    Syeda123 New Member

    Hello all, Has anyone used Freestyle flash monitoring device ? Would like to hear reviews. Thanks
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  35. Syeda123

    Syeda123 New Member

    Yes I have been diagnosed with GD at week 28. 12 and 11 are my 1 hour and 2 hour reading for GTT, Fasting was normal at 5
  36. Syeda123

    Syeda123 New Member

    Ok. Though your 2 hour reading was normal, the 1 hour reading is still considered high. The peak actually matters which is an indication of prediabetes. My readings at 28 weeks were high and probably I would see similar results like yours(or a little lower values) if I had done the test a little early. One of my friend had similar readings at week 14 as yours. As the time progresses, more hormones are secreted by placenta and thus impacting the carbohydrate metabolism resulting in higher readings gradually as the pregnancy progresses. I believe you dont have to take medication however need to check and change your diet
  37. Syeda123

    Syeda123 New Member

    Also I noticed that during the diet councelling session in the hospital last week, my Glucose levels were slightly higher than normal after Lunch and Dinner. They wanted to start insulin on the same day but I refused saying I want to see how the levels are when I eat home meals. The finger prick test results at home are mostly normal for me.
  38. Syeda123

    Syeda123 New Member

    Yes PCOS also may be the cause. Its does not depend on the diet alone but many other factors like Placenta hormones. My fasting was normal too last week but now it seems to be a bit higher. I would advise you for diet councelling to avoid higher readings later.
  39. Syeda123

    Syeda123 New Member

    You may buy a BG Monitoring machine at home just to be sure because you never know when the levels may rise. You may find this link useful
    There are many cases where even with strict diet Glucose levels go high (last few weeks of pregnancy)and that is when they prescribe medication. Hope this helps you.
  40. Syeda123

    Syeda123 New Member

    Yes the doctor can give you the best advise. Not to worry ,your doctor can guide you the best.Take care
  41. userexperience

    userexperience New Member

    Yes PCOS also may be the cause. Its does not depend on the diet alone but many other factors like Placenta hormones. My fasting was normal too last week but now it seems to be a bit higher of android app development. I would advise you for diet councelling to avoid higher readings later.
  42. yuiyui

    yuiyui Active Member

    hi i failed my GD test on the 2nd reading which is one hour by 0.1, which is 10.01 ((normal range reading must be less than 10). then subsequently for 2hour , it dropped down to 5+(normal range reading must be less than 7). KKh called to told me i have GD. is there any concern for this or they are overeacting? Some of the ladies told me they only do 2 hours test and did not do the one hour test.
  43. Mehthab Hyder Idris

    Mehthab Hyder Idris New Member

    Within how many days will they call ? KKH nurses!!
  44. Prosper8888

    Prosper8888 New Member

    For diabetic n hypertension, I would strongly recommend FL aloe drink. This really helps in lowering sugar level. Pls pm if interested n I can explain further
  45. seashell123

    seashell123 New Member

    Hi everyone.

    I have just been diagnosed with GD at 28w.
    Nurse said that my 1st and 2nd tubes of blood came back normal but 3rd tube of blood came back with a 8.5 reading when the passing score was 5. 1

    I was 45.7kg pre-preg and lead a very healthy lifestyle with regular exercise.
    My Mum has type 2 diabetes and I do eat and drink a lot of sweet things since being preg.
    Now, at 28w, I have gained 10kg and baby is 1.18kg which is under the 50% percentile for 28w.

    Going down to the clinic on Monday to collect the prick kit and not sure what to expect at all.
    Feel very sian that I have to give up my bbt :/

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