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spending quality time with your kid.

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by Nicole A, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. Nicole A

    Nicole A New Member

    Hello, i am a mother of two and a very busy one at work. Getting a little stressed not being able to spend quality time with the kids and i guess i started to feel guilty of it. I don't know why the feeling of guilt started to overweight nowadays. Any recommendations ladies? Except quitting my job

  2. Ania

    Ania New Member

    Being a working mother is really challenging. Maybe you can cut some hours at work for a few months? I wouldn't really quit the job when you like it!
  3. kohjsj

    kohjsj Member

    I think dont bring the work back home and when you're at home.. just try to be with them.. bring them to the playground nearby and play with them. I know some parents are really busy.. even when they are with the kids at the playground.. they have the phone with them. so basically.. the parents dont really spend time with the kids
  4. alexahbk

    alexahbk New Member

    Don't bring your work back home, enjoy every moment, this time never comes back, they'll grow up in no time.
  5. be-brave

    be-brave Member

    my friend is the main bread winner w a business n 2 kids. always running around. ask her how she keep in touch w her kids cos her kids r v close to her.

    She say is not about how long is about how much attention she gives to her kids when they are together and how attune she is to their needs. So, when is time to spend with her kids, she is 100% there for her kids.

    is still a lesson to be learnt for me...i always have something in my mind so when the kids r bit needy, i lose it :p
  6. Jean Ngan

    Jean Ngan New Member

    I think it is not easy to balance mummy and work duties. For me, I will try not to bring work home. Once I am home, I will sit down with my child and be around him. Even if it means to just sit next to him and watch him do his things. Your child needs to know you are there. Quality time spent with the child is important. Put away your cell phones, really engage in play moments with your little one. Just remember it is really not how long you spend with the child, it's really what you do in that short frame of time.
  7. Dikolu

    Dikolu New Member

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