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Skincare & cosmetics

Discussion in 'Year 2015 Mums' started by SuperBerry, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. SuperBerry

    SuperBerry Member

    Hi all mommies & mommies to be, I just discover that there are certain ingredients that cannot be used during pregnancy such as Retinol (or any vitamin a derivatives with retiny something), Sacrylic Acid (or any names that sound the same like sacrylate something) etc.

    I looked at my newly bought sk2 hydrating mask and found out that I cannot use cos it contains sacrylicacid.

    I am also trying to check if I can continue using my
    Other sk2 products such as whitening source, origins hydrating moisturizer, which apparently don't contain the above said products but sk2 particularly sure contain paraben.
    I am also using shiseido makeup powder foundation & some Mac products.

    Do you have any recommendations or advice for skin care and cosmetics?

  2. sane

    sane Active Member

    Last edited: Jan 18, 2015
  3. girly_ribbon

    girly_ribbon New Member

    I think most of the Laneige range is safe to use during pregnancy, except whitening range. You may want to check them out.
  4. crimson28

    crimson28 New Member

    I'm pregnant and use SK-II . Wasn't aware it contained ingredients that cannot be used .

    Thanks for the info.
  5. friends78

    friends78 Well-Known Member

    I stop using my Lancôme products the moment I learnt of my preg as some products contain Retinol. My family dr recommended Simple. So I change to Simple during pregnancy. The moisturizer is less than $10 and available at watsons and guardian. Both my kids are ok. After giving birth, I switch back to Lancôme.
  6. missus_bl

    missus_bl Member

    I hv checked with sk2 both online and offline. Both told me their ingredients are natural and hence safe to be used for pregnancy.

    To play safe, I dun use them everyday. Only once a while..
  7. All cosmetic company will tell you their products are safe to use during pregnancy. It's up to you to believe. However if u want to be safe choose one that's paraben phalates and fragrance free especially in case you are carrying a boy. Whitening range and products with minerals are no no. I discard all my laneige, clarins n sk2 products when preg. I bought origins. There is a range without all these ingredients. Used clarins stretch marks cream which swore by many mummies but not me. And bought organic powder but seldom use. Basically I go make up free.
  8. tsubaki05

    tsubaki05 Member

    Hi mummies, I am using la roche posay facial cleansing gel and am carrying a boy. For my breakouts, I will apply a thin layer of oxy10. I did checked with the gynae was told it's ok to apply oxy but not too much.
  9. LLouise

    LLouise New Member

    How about Innisfree? Izit safe?
  10. Cactus2015

    Cactus2015 New Member

    I was very kiasu, worried that my face cream or toothpaste n all that will have negative effect on my baby. After research, I found that I could use Cactus Hydrating Lotion so I used it on my face, hands, and even on my tummy to prevent stretch marks. The lotion is very smooth and free from paraben/ retinol / triclosan...
    Can PM me if you want to know more.
  11. larrivee

    larrivee New Member

    Hi ladies. I actually checked with SK-II and Clarins if it was safe to use their products during pregnancy.
    Basically, Clarins mentioned that their ingredients do not penetrate through the skin layers into the blood circulation. So its basically safe for use during pregnancy.
    However, SK-II basically told me to check with my physician. :(
  12. TroyJohnson

    TroyJohnson New Member

    You can search some online cosmetics as the detail of the product with the brand is mentioned. Other than cosmetic eye protection is also important during such days as high exposure to UV rays may cause skin cancer prefer wearing a sunglasses and sunscreen lotion to avoid skin related problems you can even search for some websites for more information.
  13. shawnlimws

    shawnlimws New Member

    Hi! We recently wrote an guide for pregnant moms to let them know more about the skincare ingredients they should or should not be using during pregnancy.

    You can check it out here: Pregnancy and Skincare: A Guide For Mom's-To-Be

    Hope the information is useful :)
  14. Tingkerbelle91

    Tingkerbelle91 New Member

    Dear Mums, I am on hand using all natural shampoo, hair mask and shower gel for me and my baby girl (yes we are using the same), because its so natural and mild is it safe for used for all ages. HSA, MSDS, SGS, CE approved and certified. If any one wants to know more can PM me..
  15. userexperience

    userexperience New Member

    I'm pregnant and use SK-II . Wasn't aware it contained ingredients that cannot be used .

    Thanks for the info for mobile app development.
  16. Jinger

    Jinger New Member

    Im currently using nature republic for skincare and Dear Dahlia.
    I check online from nature republic website and bodyfoodco website selling dear dahlia.
    They are natural, organic.
    I guess these should be safe.

    Probably etude house ones are not recommened as shown on the news recently.
  17. ezbz66

    ezbz66 New Member

    Please use aloe vera products. Whole family can use it.
  18. vivien89

    vivien89 New Member

    I have a friend who started up this new website (www.micora.co) promoting healthier skincare and cosmetics. They carry mostly Korean and Japanese brands for now, but I love their Instagram and blog content which is very educational. I think most Singaporeans don’t really know much about clean beauty or toxic ingredients which are in our day to day skincare like phthalates and sulphates unlike American or European consumers. Aromatica is certified organic and EWG Verified so would recommend moms to try. Hope this helps!

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