Sign up your Child for a Fun NTU Study!

Hello! We are from the Early Cognition Lab at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). We are currently recruiting families with children 7-16 years old for a MOE-funded research project on children’s achievement and motivation, and how their school work relates to their future identity (NTU IRB no. 2019-10-045).

The entire study will take place online over Zoom at your convenience - parents will first answer a short online survey, then your child will play a fun game on a computer (~30 to 45 minutes). Some benefit from taking part in our study include (1) an e-certificate of participation and (2) a $20 cash token. To register, you can simply scan the QR code found in the attached e-poster or visit More details found in the attached e-poster.

If you are interested to find out more about our lab, here is a recent feature of our STEM achievement research:

We hope to see you soon! :)


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