Shichida materials(include Sawako & Speed-Reading CD+cards)

1) Sawako cards & Cds(English,Chinese, korean.spanish,german, french)

2) Speed-reading Cds & cards(used in Shichida class)

3) My favourite Genius Cards- lightly used, like new

5) My Advanced Favourite Genius Cards - lightly used, like new

6) Language Genius (200 common English words)- not used

7) Memory Genius set C - like new

8) Memory Genius Set D- like new

9) memory Genius Set E - like new

10) Memory Genius set F - like new

11) Memory Genius set G - like new

12) Varieties Dot Cards - not used

13) Alphabet and words: Sing together!! CD

14) Addition CD & book- not used

15) Linking Memory cards - not used

16) Mystery of the Right Brain, book by Makoto Shichida- not used

17) memory games - 4 boxes

18) Wink-to-learn Cds

19) baby can READ CDs

20) other brands FLASH CARDS- 9 boxes

21) nursery ryhmes CDs - chinese & english

22) Classical music CDs

PM for pics or details..
hillview mrt/downtown line 2/bt btok mrt...

if get all, can deliver if west-central, at seller's convenience!

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SL Wong

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The set G is it mimo? Can attach picture of it? What’s the best price n how to get it from u? I stay at Tampines

SL Wong

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Can meet at central area like Chinatown mrt, if not can send by registered mail. Can I have picture of set G