September 2017 Mummies


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Hi Mummies,
I am expecting my 2nd baby this year.

I would like to share, recently I attended an awesome nutritional class. The speaker is one of the well-known nutritional teacher in the field.
She has been teaching for 17 years and was even invited to attend health talks on television.

She share very details information like what rice, eggs or chicken we should look out for and what household products we should be aware as the toxins/chemicals will be harmful to our baby in the tummy.

I really feel this is a very essential class for all mummies to attend.
As we all want a healthy cute little baby!

She has class on Mon 7.30pm, Wed 7.30pm & Sunday 4pm

If you are interested, let me know I can help you to enroll the class. :)


Hello Mummies.
I'm a baby sitter located in Buangkok Crescent and I have slots available from September onwards.
I provide quality care for infants as young as 2 months to 17th months. I can also provide transition for children going to childcare at 18th months.
You can contact me at 98008680 for more information.

Liang Seng

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Hi, just to share the Great Bundle of Joy promotion by Great Eastern Life.

Specially for babies born between 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2017, parents can register to receive a complimentary year-long Mothercare VIP membership (valued at S$300).

You will also receive Mothercare shopping vouchers for all your baby needs with selected plans.

For registration and details, please refer to the link below. Thanks and all the best for your delivery!


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I managed to nego for a group discount with neo garden for full month celebration. For mummies who are due sept-dec, keen to hold your full month celebration with neo garden catering, pls drop me a pm for the discount details
Pm me pls.


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Hi Mummies, I will be delivering at Mount E. Novena. Can I check what is the baby gift they give out? When I delivered at Mount A., they gave me a bathtub filled with baby supplies and a diaper bag.


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I'm a 51 years old Chinese Lady who has a 7 years old grand daughter who will be in student care during the day and I will be taking care an infant from 18 Dec onwards.

I have bandwith to take care of toddlers and primary-school age (Ranging from 2 years old - 7 years old), providing them with a loving and caring atmosphere.

*Our family enjoys working with children!*

We're a Chinese family, staying at Sengkang, Rivervale Walk (Kangkar lrt), pls whatsapp me @ 92306635 if you are keen.