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Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by bpquek, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. bpquek

    bpquek New Member

    Advice needed with regards to scoliosis

  2. stacy

    stacy Member

    what advice do u need in terms of scoliosis? I've got scoliosis n underwent op.
  3. bpquek

    bpquek New Member

    beside op, have you ever heard of this treatment by the name of "CLEAR"? actually, i am asking on behalf for my friend, she got twin having scoliosis.
  4. stacy

    stacy Member

    oops..dun think i can help. Hv not heard of that..maybe during my time (14yrs bk), medical not so advanced..so only option for me was op.
  5. bpquek

    bpquek New Member

    ok, thanks
  6. pingping

    pingping Active Member

    Cranial osteopathy might help. You can do a search on it. My therapist used to see a pair of twin teenage girls for their scoliosis, but it need a very long time to recover. Not sure if he still takes in this kind of case as he has a long waiting list of patients waiting to see him.
  7. bpquek

    bpquek New Member

    Thanks for the info. Is this doc located at Tanglin? Do you know how much is the charges for the whole treatment and does it work? Have you heard of "CLEAR" treatment, this clinic is located in Shaw House.
  8. pingping

    pingping Active Member

    Hi quek,

    Hv pm you.
  9. bpquek

    bpquek New Member

    Hi pingping

    Thanks for your message.
  10. twinsgirls

    twinsgirls Active Member

    Can anyone advise scoliosis is the same as hunchback ? Anyone can advise the best treatment, operation etc ? Do you think chiropractic can help ? thanks in advance.
  11. serene83

    serene83 New Member

    Hi quek and PingPing,

    Do you have any info on "Clear" spine scoliosis treatment, can share?
  12. pingping

    pingping Active Member

    Scoliosis is different from hunchback. With exercise to strengthen the back, hunchback can be improved and straight posture can be achieved. Swimming is the best exercise, as I had slight hunchback before. My posture straightened after swimming for a few months. Scoliosis is whereby the spine is crooked, and it takes a long time to treat it. You can do a search on Scoliosis in wikipedia. This is the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scoliosis

    Sorry, I do not know abt "CLEAR" treatment.
  13. twinsgirls

    twinsgirls Active Member

    Thanks PingPing...[​IMG]
  14. kopikao88

    kopikao88 New Member

  15. aly_nat

    aly_nat New Member

    I chanced upon this thread.

    Wanna find out, has any mummies gone through the "harrington rod" insertion op? Do u have persistent backache, due to your weekened spine? I didn't feel so much pain after my #1. But with #2 already turning 1 and half, I'm still having pain after carrying her. And she's barely 10kg. Stretching exercise aggravates the pain further[​IMG] Wonder if yoga (not the extreme type) or pilates might help.

    Anyone care to share?
  16. kckc

    kckc New Member

    Hi Ping Ping,

    Care to share yr therapist? u can drop me an email at kchua05@yahoo.com.sg

    Thanks a lot!
  17. pingping

    pingping Active Member


    If stretching makes it worse, that means yr muscles are weak and need strengthening exercises to strengthen yr back muscles. Don't carry yr #2 if yr back hurts, as yr muscles are weak and you will strain yr back easily. I also hv the abt the same problem, but I didn't go through op.

    I went to a Chinese Chiropractor quite long ago, and he says I hv to do strengthening exercises. I think pilates will help as I hv seen on TV that it is a muscles strengthening exercise. I wouldn't advise yoga, as it does quite a lot of stretching. I hv tried yoga but not pilates, I would like to try pilates in future.
  18. bpquek

    bpquek New Member


    So long din login here.

    Anyone got operation on scoliosis this 2 years, can advice?

  19. ai_sakura

    ai_sakura Member

    I have scoliosis and underwent back op about 12 years back. I still get back ache though if I stand too long or if I carry my girl too long..

    Would like to try pilates in the future too [​IMG] I tried yoga.. which is ok but a bit "boring" heh

    AI @ http://www.sakuraharuka.com
  20. nubie

    nubie Member

    Just found this thread, I also have scoliosis, bumping here to get update on others and treatment. I think I need it fix soon, even sitting and laying down somewhat uncomfortable nowadays.
  21. lovestork

    lovestork Member

    Operation is always the last resort. I believe nature and the body can totally heal itself. Why not try a chiropractor, or an osteopath? And i think scoliosis has varying degrees of curvature, which might require bracing. I dun have scoliosis but I see a chiropractor for some time now and my health has improved. There is this Taiwanese doctor at United Square or something whom i heard is very good with patients suffering from scoliosis. Try googling?
    pingping likes this.
  22. assamjam

    assamjam Member

    Will cervical spondolysis leads to scoliosis?
  23. xylyn

    xylyn New Member

    Hi I am new to this forum and just happened to see this thread.

    I have scoliosis too but 10 years back my doc said mine is a borderline case.. if just a bit more crooked then will need to go op.

    Will scoliosis affect pregnancy, or become even more serious after pregnancy?
  24. lovestork

    lovestork Member

    Just do not go for operation... as the spine holds the nerves and a lot can go wrong. Try complementary/alternative care instead...
  25. onsansg

    onsansg Member

    I just attended an hour talk by dr gabriel lau from nuh..his message is go for op if it is suggested by doc..dun wait till old when you may have complicated medical condition like hypertension,diabetes,etc,etc that makes the whole process painful and complicated..
  26. pingping

    pingping Active Member

    Totally agree. Doctors in hospital will always recommend surgery as that is the only solution they know. I believe there are more holistic and less invasive solutions for scoliosis. There are many causes and one can read it up in the Internet to educate himself/herself. Why should one wait for the scoliosis to be serious and resort to operation? Every operation has its side effects.
  27. adlinzul

    adlinzul Member

    Essential Oils can helps for Scoliosis
  28. hadassahlim

    hadassahlim Member

    I have Scoliosis too since first discovered at the age of 12. I'm now in my 30s , have 2 kids now. No back ache but occasional neck and Shoulder pain probably due to my long hours sitting at the desk. I attribute it to yoga practicing.
  29. happylady

    happylady Member

    My gal also has that needed braces, now seeing tcm n hope it helps as she is now growing
  30. sagi001

    sagi001 Member

    My 17-yr-old dd has been postponing spine surgery since 4 years ago when her curvature reached 55 degrees and doctor advised us to do so. Over the years, the curvature stays about the same. We are now in a dilemma. If going for surgery, nxt year after A level will be good because she will be having a long break. On the other hand, we would like to try other way so as to avoid surgery. We have tried bracing and chiropractic treatment but there isn't much effect. Anyone has good recommendation? Really appreciate it.
  31. lynx_sea

    lynx_sea Active Member

  32. cherylng

    cherylng Active Member

    Hi @lynx_sea, wanna check with u - do u know what's the cost like? R u 1 of their patients? Or ??
  33. elyx1305

    elyx1305 New Member

    Hi sagi001, I'm a 16 years old girl undergoing the same situation as your daughter did. Planned to have surgery earlier this year but was being postponed to next year where I will be in JC1 already. I have been starting up yoga classes in hope that it will help my scoliosis condition but now, I'm looking at going for chiropractic treatment. Its been 2 years, can you let me know how your daughter is doing now? Which option did she go for in the end? Did she eventually go for the operation? I have a lot of queries and I only have 2 months to make up my mind if I want to have the operation and I do have a lot of concerns. Please do give me some advices because your daughter's situation is the most similar as to what I can find on forums. If necessary, can drop me an email at eunicelee0513@gmail.com thank you!!
  34. Ling_SG65

    Ling_SG65 New Member

    Hi elyx1305, I've tried most treatments. My DD was 10 when he was checked and found to have scoliosis. They sent us to HPB where we got a recommendation for a specialist who recommended a boston brace. After 6 months it did got worst on the next review so I enrolled him in pilates. It helped his posture but didnt improve his curve. Finally this year I sent him to a chiropractor next to paragon and we are seeing improvements. Its important to find a chiro that specializes in scoliosis.

    UPDATE: After 2 years my DD curve is now stabilised! I forgot to name the chiro but i didnt want to seem like promoting him as we only did 3 months. Now that my DD has been discharged from the hospital I can say going to Dr Kevin Lau for the scoliosis treatment helped us avoid surgery.
    Last edited: May 17, 2019 at 11:51 AM
  35. Angel_SG

    Angel_SG New Member

    Which doctor are u sending your DD? When I google I only see Dr Kevin Lau as the only chiro next to paragon. Looking forward to your answer as I wanna avoid surgery for my daughter. God bless!

    TIAN XIAO New Member

    Hi Ling_SG65, could you share with me the contact of the chiropractor? My email xiaotian0717@hotmail.com.
  37. onsansg

    onsansg Member

    Can imagine how painful or strenous this condition is..if you need some kind of garment support with the hope it may help aligned it a bit, you can pm me..thanks
  38. Ling_SG65

    Ling_SG65 New Member

    Sorry for I forgot to name the chiro but i didnt want to seem like promoting him as we only did 3 months. Now that my son has been discharged from the hospital I can say going to Dr Kevin Lau for the scoliosis treatment helped us avoid surgery.
    Last edited: May 17, 2019 at 11:51 AM
  39. Alice C

    Alice C New Member

    Thank you Ling_SG65 for the update. I went onto Dr Kevin Lau website and see so many good before and after results.

    Im exploring other options for treatment as we want to avoid surgery for our daughter. How long were you with Dr Kevin Lau?
  40. Ling_SG65

    Ling_SG65 New Member

    Hes been with Dr Kevin Lau for 12 months but now on maintenance of once a month and everything is stabilised.

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