Reducing c-section scar


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Anyone with tips on how to make the c-section scar less obvious? Can I apply moisturiser? Mine is 4-months old and it's still a red line.

my gynae prescribed Benovate (a steroid cream) for me to apply on the c-section scar line. Says it will help to lighten the redness. It helps but slowly.
my Gynae prescribed the Silicon dressing called Cerederm (10pcs to be used over 40-60 days since 2nd mth). It is placed over the scar and prevents formation of Cheloids. my scar now looks light pink and blends well into the surrounding skin.

my scar is just below the hairline. that means, if i dun shave, the scar cant be seen.
Mine is 6months liao, also still red line. I apply Benovate (a steroid cream) before but no use. I heard one of the mummies said that it will fade away and flaten after 1yr +
I'm also using the Cerederm and it helps. I have Cheloids for the 1st c-sect and the 2nd c-sect looks much better.

Anyway, i'm still drinking the American ginseng black fish ... once a week.
eleeza, are you talking abt Sheng Yu Jing ? I heard it is not advisable to take sheng yu after operation cos it will create keloid. Cos the outer skin will heal faster than the inner tissues and this will create keloid.

I had my c sect 14 days ago, I can only see one thin line at my bikini line and my gynae told no cream is necessary.
hi mummies, it's been 13 mths since i had my c-sect. the scar is much thinner, flatter and no longer red/pink now. i did not use any special cream, jus my normal body moisturiser. Mother Nature will know wat to do, so dun worry.
Mummies, I delivered via c-sect too.

My scar went off on this own for the 1st C-sect scar went off like after 1yr (totally cant see already)

While 2nd C-sect, i am already on the 10mths liao, still can see the scar. Hoping that it will go off too asap.

I didnt apply any cream. Same as dumbger, mother nature is the best.
Never did my homework well before c-sect, don't know that c-sect scar takes so long to heal.. Mine already six months & i can still feel it..
hi mummies

i had c-section 7 mths ago. i can say my gynea did quite a good job, certain part of scar already merged w/ skin (flattened). no cream was given to me at all after surgery!

but my left end wound been itching n swelling w/ pus discharged a few times.(probably due to seafood! i ate prawns after 1 month) Just went to see him couple of weeks back for infection at the same spot, prescribed antibiotics (din bother to complete, took only twice) n cream to apply cost me 90 bucks! Now still itch at times.

My advice - dun take seafood like prawn/sotong/crab will heal faster.
hi mummies,

I would agree with bee.. I had c-section 9mths back. The redness is still there and can still feel the itchness whenever i take seafood esp prawns.
If you are prone to keloid, my suggestion is inform your Dr, your Dr will give you Sincort injection when the Dr is almost going to close the skin during C section. After operation, it will be better for you to avoid fish and others sea food. Around 10 days post operation, after the stich is removed, you can ask your Dr for Scar fade, Dermatix, Erase Gel for Scar, or Centellase. You may ask for dressing like Neoscar or Cerederm. It will really help. I had three C section so far. My 1st one, I had keloid. It looked red, slightly bigger, I always felt painful and itch. My Dr referred me to Dr Jane Lim in NUH. She gave me Keloid injection. It helped a lot. During my 2nd C Section, my Dr did the operation together with Dr Jane Lim, Dr Jane Lim used Laser to destroy some hair follicle near the C Section site, and did some special things for me, during operation, my Dr said that I had a lot of adhesion-scar growth inside. After operation, I used scar fade and neoscar. I also went for few keloid injection, then my scar was totally flat, and did not give me the pain and itchness like the 1st time round. During my 3rd LSCS, my Dr gave me Sincort which is believed to be very effective so far. He said that I did not have any adhesion this time round. After removing stich, my Dr gave me Erase Gel for scar, Dermatix and Cerederm. I am using all of these now as I do not want to have keloid pain or itchness. I did not eat fish or any sea food. I also went to Chinese Physician to have Chinese herbs like Bei Shi. I hope that I will not have keloid this time round. By the way, I am a staff midwife working in Labor Ward, my Drs always give me the best effective treatment.
well there are products and supplement that are proven to reduce the scar. Do PM me if u r interested to know more.
I have been using Dermalmd Scar Removal Serum on my scar from an emergency c-section and am noticing the redness fading and the scar itself is smoothing out. The best part is I have super sensitive skin and there has been no reaction or irritation at all. Totally would recommend and have already ordered a 2nd jar because I want to have extra around the house!!