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Recommendations for Gynae

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by hbhbhb, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. hbhbhb

    hbhbhb New Member

    Hi Dearies!
    Any recommendations for good gynae at central area like Raffles Hospital or Mt E or Mt A?
    Which gynae are you seeing and how's your experience with him/her?
    Thank you!

  2. kristhx

    kristhx New Member

    Dr SL goh at Mt A. She's really patient and gentle. Was recommended by a few of my friends as well
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  3. love_indulgence

    love_indulgence New Member

    Im currently seeing Dr Choo Wan Ling at Mount E Novena. So far so good for me, or maybe because I dont have alot of questions or concerns thus each consultation last about 5-10mins. She is gentle too.

    She is not really strict, eg say its ok to drink cold stuff or sleep any sides you like. So if you are those very concerned person, dont think she will fit you.

    She is concerned on excessive weight gain though. Like i gained 6kg by week 17, she say I need to look out as was above average, I should be gaining btw 4-5kg instead.

    Hope it helps! :)
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  4. vanillasky

    vanillasky New Member

    Hi all,

    Any one seeing Dr Kowa or Dr Douglas Ong? Any comments?
  5. Keshia

    Keshia New Member

    I'm seeing Dr Kowa. He was the one who delivered me! Very experience and jovial Gynae. Someone who makes you feel confident and at ease. Each session with him takes 20-40 mins, he is really detailed in scanning and patient. Also, his clinic assistants are friendly and willing to assist.
  6. vanillasky

    vanillasky New Member

    Thanks Keshia

    Can anyone else share some reviews? Can't really find much reviews online.. What about his stitching skills?
  7. genevievep

    genevievep New Member

    Hi ladies, anyone visiting Dr.Chen Lin Han? Any latest comments?
  8. MissMM

    MissMM New Member

    she is gentle but not patient at all sometimes.
    she is the gynae doctor of my 1st baby.
    In my prenatal checkout of week39, she said my liquid level was low and it needed urgent induction, but we wanted to know the value of liquid level. she became impatient and refused to answer our questions. something very horrible happened to us eventually.
  9. Jun3mommy

    Jun3mommy New Member

    Hi Missmm, I was searching for Dr Goh review before I decide on which gynae to go for. Can you share with me what happened by PM? Thks

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