Recommendation of chinese tcm doctors, dermatologist, pd for baby eczema


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If u have come across tcm doctors or dermatologist that specializes in baby eczema, please recommend.

My bb got it since 1month and has been using either steroids or anti fungal cream to treat daily. Use cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer but i think more rashes come up or worsen the rashes till ringworm coming. Think the non soap cleanser may not work for my bb as doesn't clean as well and still skin is rough. Only initial use successful.

I am tbf bb and now start to be very mindful of food intake. Now bb is 4.5m and started to teeth which worsen eczema.

Wd appreciate if any has good referring drs.


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Hi Simp, my 10yo daughter has eczema and she's currently seeing a tcm doctor in Toa Payoh that is not bad. I've noticed her eczema flare-ups a lot more subdued when she's taking the chinese medicine, though the eczema is not going away totally yet, but I believe that will take time. To help her with the medicine, which can be bitter, I buy orange peel from tcm medicinal halls and cut them into small pieces, then give them to her right after she takes the chinese med, which helps to clear the bitter aftertaste. You can pm or email me at [email protected] if you are interested in going to this tcm doctor.