Private Home Based Tutors

Yvonne Chan

New Member
We have part time tutors & full time teachers for every level from Primary School to Junior College. We also have teachers that teaches Kindergarten kids. For your interest, we also offer Music & swimming lessons etc. We provide quality service and ensure that your requirements for a tutor are fulfilled.

The benefits of getting a tutor from us:

-Managed by experienced Tuition company who has been in the business for the past 20 years. You will get an offical receipt.
-Get up to 20% discount for EPB assessment textbooks
-Accumulate points for every dollar you spent and redeem it for a shopping voucher.
-Get a free E Learning account and access hundreds of exam papers from different schools ranging from Primary school all the way to Junior College. Usual price of E Learning account is $49.90 monthtly.

Contact Yvonne at 91700288 to find a tutor of your liking today!