Prenatal package avail in govt hosp?

Hi all, i had just read thru some posts, read about NUH do have prenatal package. Is that true? My wife is foreigner, so there is no different for her to go for govt or private hospital for prenatal check up,as she still charge as a private patient, but end up we are decided to choose a gynae at KKH coz most of the comments saying that if touch wood, any complication case happen, private hosp will transfer you to govt hosp.

But so far i didnt see any forum or mommies share or talk about there is prenatal package in KKH but today, i happen to read a forum and some mommies saying that there is prenatal package available in NUH, thus i would like to seek for all mommies/daddies here to share the info here if any.

Thanks in advance and appreciate.


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If I’m not wrong, KKH don’t have package, only NUH has one. You can go to NUH website for the package price. NUH have their own team of expertise so in the event of complication, they will be able to handle it. (This is what they told me).