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Posso preschool

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by Gohfish, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Gohfish

    Gohfish New Member

    Hi, anyone heard of this school before and any feedbacks on this school? Thanks

  2. spacy

    spacy Member

    Hello, My daughter is in Posso Preschool-Big box, Wonderful teachers and teaching materials for my daughter to explore everyday :) Do contact them and go for a free tour.Their contact number is 6569 4131
  3. spacy

    spacy Member

    Posso Preschool have excellent teaching method and all teachers are very caring and everyday my daughter enjoy her day in school very much.
    Do contact them if you are keen for a visit.
  4. mymamaloveme

    mymamaloveme New Member


    Agreed. Friendly teachers with low teacher-child ratio. The centre is spacious and clean. My girl loves going to school and cannot stop talking about her teachers, friends and the activities she did in school daily. Overall, I am very satisfied with the centre. Highly recommended centre.
  5. Kaazan

    Kaazan New Member

    I highly recommend this preschool. I work in education research and I can say that what this school claims in theory they practice. They use the multiple intelligences theory as applied in education and they are carefully applied across the curriculum. They also integrate the arts in all activities; I hesitate to call them modules or lessons as they are really structured as play appropriate to this age group. I am not so much for academic achievement but more for nourishing love for learning and holistic learning (academic excellence would easily follow if this comes first!). I am happy we stumble upon the school at big box by accident! Hubby and I were really impressed by what we saw considering we were not really expecting much. We enrolled our 3-year old a few days after the accidental visit. As I said, being in the education sector, we can tell if we've found a good place or not just by looking at the premises, reviewing curriculum, and observing lessons. We viewed other high-end preschools but Posso is by far the best in the preschool/childcare set-up in Singapore in our opinion.
  6. addy

    addy Member

    May I check how are the fees like at Posso?
  7. Kaazan

    Kaazan New Member

    After discounts (early bird, social media posting, Giro) we pay $1480. We are foreigners so I don't get the local working mom discount. If you're local you'll pay less but you got to hurry before their early bird (first 100 students) expires as I'm seeing more and more students getting enrolled in the past two weeks!
  8. Gohfish

    Gohfish New Member

    I have enrolled my gal in Big Box Posso too and as I'm a local working mum the fees is around $1140
  9. summerrainz

    summerrainz New Member

    Any reviews for Posso@ West Coast Rise? Thanks!
  10. Euphoriamin

    Euphoriamin New Member

    Can any Mummy please provide an update / review on Posso Big Box ?
  11. dxmom

    dxmom New Member

    My girls went to Posso bigbox and currently at west coast rise. Both centre have robust curriculum to well prepare kids for the primary 1. Teachers in both Centers are caring and experienced, and school environment is good. Kids look forward to going to school everyday and happily share with us fun activities they had in school. Highly recommended Posso as the choice of preschool for kids
  12. Purplerainbow

    Purplerainbow Member

    hi how is the review for Posso big box..any mummy able to share?
  13. mintzz86

    mintzz86 New Member

    Any mummies can share review of Posso Big Box? Thanks!!
  14. kenixlee

    kenixlee New Member

    Are your girls still studying in Posso? I just check with the Center Manager and they mention there is a one time referral discount of $300 for both the referring parents and the referred parents on the second full month that the referred child attends school at any of our centres. We just need to provide the school with the referal name and children name.
    Will you be able to provide me the above information so that both of us can enjoy the discount?

    Thanks in advance.
  15. dxmom

    dxmom New Member

    Hi Kenixlee, yes my girls are still at the centre and they enjoyed learning at both bigbox and west coast rise. My contact is 96918763. I can be your referring parent and share with you more of our experience with Posso . Feel free to contact me if any question :)
  16. Purplerainbow

    Purplerainbow Member

    hi mummy, did you sign up your kid at Posso big box? I plan to take a look at the centre.
  17. Purplerainbow

    Purplerainbow Member

    thanks for sharing. Mean both parties will enjot the discount? Which centre are you looking at? i yet to pay a visit, will visit the centre one day.
  18. mintzz86

    mintzz86 New Member

    Hi mummy, yes! my girl will start at Posso on 1-Aug! You may call and make the appointment with Posso! I went to visit many schools near IBP area, Posso is the one that husband and me feel "wow"!hahaha..and i think that my girl can be explore alots new things over there!!cheers:)
  19. Purplerainbow

    Purplerainbow Member

    yup yup. will pay a visit hehe. tomorrow will be her 1s day..woohoo....hope she enjoy ya. so she will be at Big BoxPosso right?
    between, you put her on half or full day program?
  20. mintzz86

    mintzz86 New Member

    This Wednesday will be her first day! yes..my girl will be at big box Posso..she will be full day at there:)...if you interest for the enrolment..can pm me for the referral discount ya! my number is 97119242.
  21. Purplerainbow

    Purplerainbow Member

    okok,sure will contact you if i want to enroll. Hope your girl is doing well there ya. :)
  22. miuratohkp

    miuratohkp Member

    Hi everyone , posso is opening a branch in tampines, wanna check with mummies who semt their child in other branches
    1) is it true that the centre takes lots of pictures during lessons
    2)do they have half day programme?
    3) are their teachers mainly foreigners?
    4) anymore reviews?

    Thank you
    May mommy likes this.
  23. May mommy

    May mommy New Member

    I want to know too. I went to the open house on 8th Sept and didn't see any foreign teachers except the Chinese teacher. But maybe because I was too busy talking with the principal and the center director that I didn't really had a chance to look around much.

    They said only the first 20 can enjoy the early bird discount of $450 at Tampines branch. They had another open house on 15th Sept and apparently the early bird is still there. I causally called to check if the early bird still available and said there is still. My friend visited Big Box and they also said the 100 early bird still available. So, it makes me wonder if they markup the price in the first place and early bird is just a gimmick to make us enroll and it would be available for everyone. Wonder if there is anyone not enjoying the early bird discount.
  24. nylaz18

    nylaz18 New Member

    Hi, I went for the open house on the 15th of September. Pretty impressed with the facilities and the fact that they had hairdryers to ensure the children's hair will be properly dried to prevent them from catching a cold. This will be the 3rd childcare that my child will be attending if we decide to enrol.
    My concern is if it is new, would there be teething issues in terms of curriculum process, routines etc as the teachers themselves need time to adjust. The second childcare that my child attended closed down as the enrolment size was not many for the K1 and K2 level. This brings me to the second concern about the probability of this centre facing the same issue if the take-up rate is low.
    Would appreciate if anyone can comment on any of these especially since the centre at Big Box etc all started as a new centre before and perhaps your child has been enrolled when they first established the school.

    Regarding the early bird discount not sure if it is a gimmick but the early bird fee still applies as of now when I enquired 2 days ago.

    Thanks in advance!
  25. Tiffany Chia

    Tiffany Chia New Member

    I just visited Posso Tampines Point today too, very nice environment and teachers. I love the hair dryer section too, very good academic tools too, so lovely. I will enrol my 5yo girl (this yr K1, next yr K2) and 2 yo together. Hope that there can be more K1 students so that my girl will have more friends soon
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2018
  26. Crystal loy

    Crystal loy New Member

    Hi mummy's,

    Anyone sign up posso preschool at Tampines point ?
  27. Floyy11

    Floyy11 New Member

    Hi Mummy

    I am planning to send my kid to Posso Preschool. Would like to ask any mummy willing to act as a referral so that we can enjoy the discount ☺️☺️
  28. Crystal loy

    Crystal loy New Member

    Hi mummy,

    Yes I willing

  29. catherinnlee

    catherinnlee New Member

    Hi Mummies,

    I am also planning to send my child to Posso Preschool at Tampines Point. May I ask if any mummies willing to act as a referral so that we can enjoy the discount together? Cheers :)
  30. vuiministry

    vuiministry New Member

    Hi fellow Mummies,

    I may be enrolling my dd at either Posso west coast or big box for next year intake. Understand that there is ongg referral promotion so should any mummies were interested in enjoying the perks together, please pm me at jollysapiens@hotmail.com. Thank you. ☺️☺️
  31. catherinnlee

    catherinnlee New Member

    Just pm you.

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