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Discussion in 'Year 2018 Mums' started by EDEN TEY, May 19, 2018.


    EDEN TEY New Member

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to help a little bit, I am currently engaging a part time maid from The Cleaning Authority.

    Helpers are efficient, trustworthy and value for money.
    The contact person (Jimmy) is also very friendly and prompt with his reply.
    They have many different helpers and will always send a replacement should the current helper be sick or etcs.

    Their rate was $68/session for 4 hours (HDB).

    You can contact Jimmy at 9627 9165.

    Hope this helps!
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  2. xiuyun_87

    xiuyun_87 New Member

    Looking for part time helper / maid in fernvale close area. Willing to work on sat/sun. Duties include:
    1) Wiping all windows, cabinet, closet and shelves.
    2)Washing of toilet and wiping of the shower screen, mirror, shelves.
    3)Sweeping of the floor for the entire house
    4)Mopping of the floor for the entire house (Include toilet)
    5) Ironing of clothes.
  3. Lilebeth

    Lilebeth New Member

    Hello maam.. Im looking for a part time job as well..on sundays or saturdays..
  4. summeralways

    summeralways New Member


    Am looking for a reliable part time maid - $60 for 4 hours work. To come on weekends.

    Household chores include

    1. sweep and mop the floor for living and all rooms.
    2. iron clothes
    3. Washing 2 toilets.
    4. wiping of furnitures and windows
    5. cleaning and wiping of kitchen basin and stove.
    6. ad hoc duties like cleaning of fans, wash the floor mats...
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  5. jacelynyeo

    jacelynyeo New Member

    Hi fellow mummies! If you are looking for a part time maid, I would recommend this lady Li Fang who is from China. Her no. is 91962717. She has been helping us for more than a year. She is very diligent and hardworking. She has a great work attitude and she puts in earnest efforts whenever she works. Her charges are very reasonable and I feel that it is really worth it. I have hired a few other helpers before whom I am not very satisfied with. I really like this lady as she is super nice and easygoing. I usually ask her to help me once every week. If you are looking for a domestic helper too, I strongly feel that you can try contacting her!
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  6. shiseru

    shiseru Active Member

    I've one and she is Malay. She has been doing a job and very thorough so I recommended her to help clean my office too. Her price @$15/hr is very reasonable also.
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  7. Slee05

    Slee05 New Member

    Hi Jacelyn, may I find out if there is anyone home when Li Fang comes over? Cuz I won't have anyone at home and my current PT helper has my keys. Thank you!
  8. crazshop

    crazshop New Member

    Hi Slee05, did you engage the Li Fang to do house cleaning? Is she ok? I am looking for one as well. Thanks.
  9. nabilnabilaputri66

    nabilnabilaputri66 New Member

  10. Slee05

    Slee05 New Member

    Hi crazshop, no I have not...still considering...hard to find good help and be able to trust. Many peers have recommended using service/ agency instead.
  11. WndrWmn

    WndrWmn New Member

    Hello my name is Rinn. I am 53 yrs old S’porean staying in Ang Mo Kio. I do house cleaning but no ironing. I charge $16 per hr, cash after work. Minimum 3 hrs for hire. I can only travel around Ang Mo Kio area, no further as I’m not good with directions. I am only available in the morning/afternoon. I prefer to start work at 8am. Please msg or wa me at 9329 9535. I don’t work on Sunday because I have to make sure my children’s school stuff is ready. For now I have slots from Monday till Saturday and I would like someone to hire me for a fixed weekly cleaning. I can speak & understand english and malay. [​IMG]

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