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Part time cleaner

Discussion in 'Year 2019 Mums' started by qqduckie, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. qqduckie

    qqduckie Member

    HI, any recommendation of part time cleaner for Bishan area?

  2. sleepyhan

    sleepyhan Member


    Any recommendation for part time cleaner at amk area?
  3. Clarispoddle

    Clarispoddle New Member

    Can ask Davian! He has cleaners that can help! Got one auntie from him and he came down on the first session to make sure the auntie does her job. His number is 96616528
  4. MushroomLim

    MushroomLim New Member

    Hi my friends and I have been engaging Kleepers for our home cleaning and so far their cleaners are quite fast and efficient. I have tried others part time cleaners and I think theirs is the best.

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