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Offering Nanny/Baby Sitting Services

Discussion in 'Confinement Lady and Nanny' started by moomoola, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. moomoola

    moomoola New Member

    Area: Serangoon North Ave 1
    Availability: Anytime from Feb 2018 onwards (Weekdays only, not applicable for overnight)
    Price: $700-800 (Can be discussed further)

    -Posting on behalf of my MIL (Singaporean Chinese)
    -Experienced nanny/baby sitter for at least 20 years, looking after newborn babies/toddlers/kids
    (have at least taken care more than 8 children ranging from babies to toddlers and kids)
    -Smoke free environment, no pets

    Feel free to pm me for any enquiries, thanks!
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  2. the_spinsterella

    the_spinsterella Well-Known Member

    Hi.. is your mil still offering this service? Can pm me?
  3. SerMin

    SerMin New Member

    Hi can I have ur contact to discuss further ? Thanks
  4. weenie

    weenie New Member

    Hi is your mum in law still available?

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