NUH Scanning + Consultation


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Hi mummies.

I am a first-time mummy to be. I will be going for NUH first appointment as sub patient next week (at 12 weeks) . Can I know what to expect on first time appointment, will they scan my baby? When to take blood test etc etc? For all the blood test, is medisave claimable? How many times you will see the doctor throughout the whole 9 months for scanning and consultation.

As a working mom to be, my leave is limited. I can only depends on MC.
\Will NUH provide MC for every visits/months?


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Hi, I’m following up with NUH too. Here’s what they did for me so far. I’m about 14 weeks now.

7 weeks - viability scan. Basically to check whether baby has heart beat, in the womb and measurements are correct for your dates. They will also tell you your EDD based on ultrasound measurements.

12 weeks- I did IGene blood test. Basically to check for chromosomes problems like Down syndrome. They will take a few tubes of blood from you and can check baby’s DNA from your blood sample. Then also do ultrasound to check for baby’s nasal bone and how much fluid under baby’s neck. From there they will calculate your risk of having a baby with chromosomes disorders such as Down syndrome. Can also check gender from baby’s DNA. Costs about $800 for subsidised clinic and it’s more than 90% accurate. Results take about 2 weeks to come out. They will also do other blood tests such as HIV, syphilis, chicken pox, hepatitis screening.

14 weeks-gave me appointment to tell me the results of IGene blood tests. They also revealed baby’s gender as I opted to check for gender. No ultrasound done, just doppler to check baby’s heart beat.

Next visit will be in 4 weeks time. I don’t think will have ultrasound as they did not book me for any ultrasound scan.

Detailed scan at 20 weeks. I don’t really know what they will scan for, I suppose check on baby’s organs, spine, brain etc and also scan for gender.

So far NUH has given me MC for all my appointments. I’ve been paying cash but I heard that after delivery they will submit your receipts to claim from medisave under medisave package. That’s when you’d be reimbursed for your prenatal charges.