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November 2017 Mummies

Discussion in 'Year 2017 Mums' started by Celebrian, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. brainy smurf

    brainy smurf Member

    More items than the army field pack. Hahahah
    Thanks for sharing.
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  2. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    If u are delivering at kkh just pack ur wife n bb discharge clothes. Bb mittens, booties n beanies if needed n swaddle. Toothbrush n toothpaste. Power bank n charger. N bring breast shield along to ask the lactation nurse if is the correct size to use for pumping. Otherwise all toiletries can use at kkh de. Admission booklets must always bring along with u in case anytime u need to admit.
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  3. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    But the toiletries provided at kkh are at single ward de. I duno if 4 bedded de have ma
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  4. brainy smurf

    brainy smurf Member

    I am planning to let my wife stay in a single bed Ward. I tried to use the kkh website calculator, but seems to be down.
    What's the cost of staying in kkh single bed Ward with delivery? Anyone any idea?
  5. brainy smurf

    brainy smurf Member

    What is a breast shield?
  6. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    If ur wife delivered by natural the bill roughly is a few thousand. Can be deduct by medisave. My no 1 time in 2014 under emergency csect stay in single ward. I pay $2.5k for the deposit n another $2k for the bill n for the rest is deduct frm medisave
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  7. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Breast shield is put at the breast n to pump the milk out. Ur wife shld know.
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  8. brainy smurf

    brainy smurf Member

    Even 1 bedder Ward also can deduct medisave?

    So normally, normal delivery need to stay how many days?
  9. brainy smurf

    brainy smurf Member

    Er... My wife quite blur.
    We are first time parents to be.

    So I need to try and find out more information... Hahahah
  10. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    3 days 2 nights. So can dun even need to bath can go home bath if needed. Yes can be deduct frm medisave.
  11. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Go to bb fair those selling breastpump de they will explain to u lor
  12. brainy smurf

    brainy smurf Member

    I goggle later.
  13. kokomi142

    kokomi142 Member

    Hi parents, I'm also a November mum. I'm letting go of a post natal massage package, at $300, below the original price I reserved it for. Please contact me via private message if you would like to know more about it. (I'm letting go due to personal reasons, I would have loved to keep the package but I have other commitments). If you know anyone who needs it, or you need it, please contact me. Thank you for reading!
  14. liquidzza

    liquidzza New Member

    Hi my edd is 15nov. Pls add me to WA my hp is 97937349. Is there any fb group?
  15. ninzie

    ninzie New Member

    any mummies due in nov but already gave birth? I'm due 2nd Nov but feeling anxious already. hahahaha
  16. Buzz Helper

    Buzz Helper Moderator

    Singapore's cost of living, especially for new parents, can be daunting. We break down how much it costs to get through Baby’s first year and let you in on how you can get a little extra help!

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  17. JPC

    JPC New Member

    Hi, is there any WhatsApp or Facebook group that I can join?
  18. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Pm mi ur hp no ba
  19. Sfangn

    Sfangn New Member

    Hi, my edd was supposed to be in dec but due to some placental issues I'll be delivering earlier via csection this month end.. is there a WhatsApp or fb group for nov mummies? :)
  20. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Pm mi ur hp no ba
  21. Marvelous

    Marvelous Active Member

    Hi, my edd was supposed to be in dec, but due to some issues I'll be delivering earlier end of this Nov. Is there a WhatsApp and fb group for nov mummies that I can join?
  22. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Pm mi ur hp no ba
  23. Mo2Irene

    Mo2Irene New Member

    I'm mommies,

    I'm a 51 years old Chinese Lady who has a 7 years old grand daughter who will be in Student care during the day and will be taking care an infant from 18th Dec onwards.

    I have bandwith to take care of toddlers and primary-school age (Ranging from 2 years old - 7 years old), providing them with a loving and caring atmosphere.

    *Our family enjoys working with children!*

    We're a Chinese family, staying at Rivervale Walk, (Kangkar LRT) Sengkang, pls whatsapp me @ 92306635 if you are keen.
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2017
  24. Buzz Helper

    Buzz Helper Moderator

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  25. qianbishu

    qianbishu New Member

    Hi all, I am trying my best to do Brest feeding, today is the 3rd day. Baby is almost a month already, he is on formula before that, my confinement nanny told me baby is loosing weight since I start Brest feeding and stop formula... I am a bit discouraged now, should I just let him continue formula? Any one has suggestions?
  26. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Bb tend to lose weight in the inital part after that they will grow back de. Are u latching? U can always latch n pump to help u stimulate the bm. Alternatively u can have mix feeding. Dun because of what other ppl say n u just stop breastfeeding. If latching got issue try to see a LC to correct it. U can always consume those milk booster like milo, oats, durian, cod fish, salmon n lactation cookies n etc...
  27. eloixfq

    eloixfq New Member

    Hello, i'm a nov 2017 mummy and can i be added to the wa chat. Thanks in advance.
  28. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Pm mi ur hp no ba
  29. Ashlow

    Ashlow New Member

    Hi hi I'm a Nov first time mummy and would like to join wa chat - need to talk to mummies to keep my sanity and lack of sleep
  30. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Pm mi ur hp no ba
  31. arialwow

    arialwow New Member

    want to join the WA group for NOV baby
  32. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Pm mi ur hp no ba
  33. juneee89

    juneee89 New Member

    Can someone add me in to the WA chat? here is my number 81987109
  34. sdy

    sdy Member

    Experience Nanny / Babysitter @ Commonwealth Drive
    I'm a 45 yrs old, full time Chinese housewife .
    Able to speak Chinese and simple English.
    Experience in taking care of infants for the past 20 yrs.
    Available from Mondays to Fridays 10 hours/day.
    My 3 children ages are as follow, 20, 21 and 23.

    Babysitting service will be at my premise only .
    I'm currently looking after a 16 months old boy.
    (This boy will be heading to childcare this May)
    I'm available any moment to babysit ur baby
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2018
  35. Anna L

    Anna L New Member

  36. whitneyhere

    whitneyhere New Member

    Hi there! I’m a November 2017 mommy, is there a FB/we chat group that I can join?:p
  37. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Pm me ur hp no
  38. Sin6

    Sin6 New Member

    Hi, I'm a nov mummy, can i join the wa group? Thanks.
  39. snow19

    snow19 Well-Known Member

    Pm mi ur hp no

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