New teeth growing crooked


Hi fellow parents,

My son's upper front tooth (central incisor) is growing out but it's slanting over to the lateral incisor's side, forcing the baby tooth to be pushed to the back (but that baby tooth was already shaky in the first place).

There's also a huge gap (about 0.3cm) between the 2 central incisors. :eek::(

Is there any way I can rectify this now or there's nothing I can do except to let it grow and let my son wear braces next time to fix it?

Thank you in advance! :)
Hi..u can actually just let it grow and encourage ur son to always shake the baby tooth...dats wat all the dentist advise.
But if u have extra cash to spare u can choose to send your son to a private dentist. But u know not all of them wanna pull out the baby tooth. But it will be a very painful procedure for your son and for u to watch.
@whinypooh why don't you bring your kid to see an orthodontist? Don't wait until the problem gets worse!

My kids currently see Dr Eugene Wee for their teeth. He doesn't just put braces, but he also checks to make sure that the teeth are growing normally. He has very good follow-up care and advice, and we've been seeing him ever since my kid was young. He also teaches the master's programme at NUS on mondays, so his clinic is closed on that day.