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New here and need a pointer.

Discussion in 'How To Improve SingaporeMotherhood.com?' started by StressedDad, Sep 12, 2016.

  1. StressedDad

    StressedDad New Member

    Hi all.
    Know that this is usually for mums or mums-to-be but after reading all post, I find that this here is quite decent

    I am a father who got custody of my two kids, girl age 4 and a boy age 3.

    Am seriously not any good at taking care of them and my ex is not fit to have them (as decided by the courts) and also did not want any part of them. Am thinking to give them up for adoption.

    Bad as it may sound but I believe its for their betterment and lead a better lives than they are with me...

    Any pointers on where I can go about doing so?

  2. Forever Mommy

    Forever Mommy New Member

    Hi Stressed Dad,
    My husband and I are very much interested adopting kids. We've been through multiple failed IVFs and a miscarriage last year. We are praying for an opportunity to adopt siblings, and somehow I chanced upon your post. We can provide a loving environment for the little ones. If you are open to speak to us, please do not hesitate to text me at 9848 5650 or my email at charmwee79@gmail.com. Thank you.
  3. Dolly Gonzalez

    Dolly Gonzalez New Member

    Try searching for adoption centre near your area. They may help you find a good couple for taking care of your kids.

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