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Nanny / babysitter at punggol sengkang area

Discussion in 'Year 2015 Mums' started by Funnyflour, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Funnyflour

    Funnyflour New Member

    hi all, I'm new to this forum. I am looking for a nanny or babysitter for my new born when I return to work in sep. Any recommendation?

  2. ahbee shamiliya

    ahbee shamiliya New Member

    Hi there...
    Im yaya, im staying at punggol blk 175b..
    Im keen tuh take care of ur baby... no worries as i hav an experience babysitter before dis and plus i love kids... anything u cn col me or msg me 90536387
  3. cherrialiew

    cherrialiew New Member

    I have one to recommend. Pls pm me if u r interested
  4. MTB-2015

    MTB-2015 Active Member

    Hi lee lan, any kid/child stay together in your house?

    There is a nanny in my block, but there are two kids (her grandchildren) in her house, I worried the children may disturb my baby or put something in baby's mouth. Therefore I didn't engage her.
  5. Tan Lee Lan

    Tan Lee Lan New Member

    i have 2 son one is 12 year old one 16 year old .
  6. Cute84

    Cute84 New Member

    Hi All,

    Looking for a nanny in Feb 2016. Staying near Damai lrt. Any good nanny to recommend. Appreciate a lot... Thanks
  7. Siew Lai

    Siew Lai New Member

    Hi I am living near Meridian lrt at blk 174 and I am keen to babysit ur baby if he/she is arnd 2-3 months old next year. I have 2 daughters of ages 14 and 16. Contact me at 94508159
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2015
  8. joanne88

    joanne88 New Member

    Hi Siew Lai, are u still available?
  9. joanne88

    joanne88 New Member

    Looking for a nanny stay near Nibong LRT.
  10. dawn ng

    dawn ng New Member

    Hi lee lan, are you still available?
  11. dawn ng

    dawn ng New Member

    Hi siew lai, are u still available?
  12. dawn ng

    dawn ng New Member

    Looking for a good nanny to look aftr my 4 mth baby girl..staying around punggol field. Pls msg me 81881086 my name is dawn
  13. lingyou

    lingyou Member

    Looking for a temporary nanny to look after my baby girl in May till Mid June @ Seng kang
  14. shimmer57

    shimmer57 Member

    Hi Dawn,

    Have you found a nanny? I have one to recommend at Punggol Field. PM me if interested.
  15. dawn ng

    dawn ng New Member

    I've waited for 2 mths + can't find any nanny near my place.. so i've got a maid lately. The nanny at punggol field wat blk & how much is the nanny fees?
  16. dawn ng

    dawn ng New Member

    Hi shimmer...
    Can u tell me more about the nanny, is the nanny chinese? How old? Any kids/infants in e family, hw much is the nanny charges.. which blk of punggol field?
  17. shimmer57

    shimmer57 Member

    Hi Dawn,

    Pm sent
  18. Linga

    Linga New Member

  19. EnonPoh

    EnonPoh Member

    Hi Shimmer any more nanny near punggol field or damai lrt to recommend?
  20. shimmer57

    shimmer57 Member

    HI EnonPoh,

    I am not too sure whether my former nanny has found another kid to look after. You may want to contact her son for more updates. Will PM u the contact.
  21. shanshan

    shanshan New Member

    Any recommendation in punggol for after school care service? Looking for help to pick my kid from student care from pri sch and provide shower n dinner. 4 to 7pm. 3 days a week. Tks

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