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MYC weekday afternoon music enrichment class

Discussion in 'Year 2013 Mums' started by Edamame, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Edamame

    Edamame New Member

    Hello all!

    My girl is 4 years old - and we've been trying to look for parents and kids to join us for a weekday afternoon MYC class! (And finding it really haaaaard!) My child seems to learn well in groups and we've attended a trial class and have been impressed with their teaching methods. We are looking at either MYC Bukit Timah or Thomson.

    MYC's programme requires extensive parental input, but I like the programme because it gets the kids started on music early in their (brain) development, and they can complete it before upper primary - which by then - well they can decide whether music is really their -thing- haha

    Would love to have a chat with anyone keen! (I've got several thoughts on the different MYC operators as well - as I've been researching on the teachers AND their centres over the past year!)

  2. Ever Mummy

    Ever Mummy New Member

    Learning music an instrument require interest. If the kid has no interest. No point taking up. Learning piano is not the only way to train the kid brain. There are methods too. MYC is a very complex course such that they teach the theory, softege and etc. Playing piano during lesson isn't much. As there are more theory the teacher need cover on every week. Franky, the beginning is definitely fun esp during the trail. As it is easier. Along the way, as it gets more complex. It can be hard and dry. I m speaking out of experience. In addition, u need to find the teacher that so call suitable to your kid or meet your expectations. As my experience with MYC Sunbeam JE branch was not pleasant. As my kid's teacher is not only strict but she is not too patient. She is blunt in her words towards the kid and even parents when she seem to get emotional caught up by situation or behavior of the students. Her intention was good but unfortunately her words and tone used was terrible, that made her sound disrespectful towards the kids and parents. When the student cannot play well, she does not showed encouragement in term of words. But, scolding the students for their mistake for not practising well at home. My poor 5yrs old cannot play her left hand well unfortunately becoz she is a right hander. She tried to play yet worrying to get scolded. In end, her teacher scolded her. She said she was playing rubbish! And she cried throughout the rest of her lesson on that day. From then, my girl had no mood when attending MYC. Terrible experience. And we discontinued her after finished another term. Meaningless to make her feel pressurised during piano class.
  3. motherhood_in_sg

    motherhood_in_sg New Member

    1-2-1 lesson may sometimes be pressurizing for little ones. That does not mean the passion for music should be quenched. May adopt a different approach and try group lessons where children can have fun in class as they learn at same time. Came across this Music Dreamz School which conduct 'FUN WITH KEYBOARD' keyboard courses in groups. It is quite fun as feedback by kids in class, and they seems to progress well. May check it out.

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