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My Gym School base program

Discussion in 'Year 2014 Mums' started by Cal_Kal, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Cal_Kal

    Cal_Kal New Member

    Hi again mommies,

    Any review on My Gym school base program? It's an independent class, drop off and pick up, 2 hours a day and you can choose 2 or 4 days per week. (Of course 4 days U pay double)

    Appreciate all the response in advance!

  2. poco

    poco Member

    Hi Cal_kal

    How old is your child? Can he talk yet?

    My boy was in My gym. He joins 2 days per week. The teachers are nice. My boy coming 3 , does not talk yet and in fact most of the children there not yet talk.
    Is more of play and interaction.
  3. Cal_Kal

    Cal_Kal New Member

  4. Cal_Kal

    Cal_Kal New Member

    Hi poco,

    Thanks for replying :) He is exactly 2.5yr. He talks but not so much, just able to tell what he wants in a Cookie Monster style like, me likes this, me hungry, me peepee... me...not I... I'm not sure if the class suits him, but I know he'll enjoy the gym part & music.

    I was thinking about 2days/week also. May I know which location your boy was in? Thanks so much again :)
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2017
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  5. cubbie

    cubbie New Member

    Hi poco,

    My Son coming to 3 yo too, but he still can't talk and at the moment he attend a 1/2days childcare. But recently the child care principle advised me maybe or if possible to withdraw my Son out from the childcare and look for a smaller group childcare centre that can have more focus on him as they having difficulties to communicate with him.

    Sad to said that none of his classmates want to play with him because he can't express himself.

    Can you have any recommendation any enrichment class or childcare for toddler which had delay on their speech.

    I did checked with other childcare the principle quite reluctant to take him too after I told them that my Son delay on speech.

  6. Cal_Kal

    Cal_Kal New Member

    Hi Cubbie,

    Just in case you might wanna know. I decided to send him to The EnrichmentClassroom- Playstar - The Stars for 2-4 years old. He'll start next Monday.

    As far as I read your comments, I would say him talking late is totally not his faulse. If that CC asked u to take him out, then that is not a good childcare I would say. My son had a speech delay when he was diagnosed at 20 months. Now he is 29 month and he's okay.

    So, I was asking around when I searched for the playgroup at different centers & brand about this concern,too. None of them has a problem with that. Like My Gym is very much pampered the kids and the class is small. Hope it helps. My advise to you is don't worry if he doesn't play with others. My son had friends but it took him a while to get used to know them and play with them. May be you can set up a play date for that issue.

    Hope it helps
  7. cubbie

    cubbie New Member

    Hi Cal_Kal,

    Thanks if ur advice, actually previously my Son attending the enrichment classroom at Bukit Gombak due to distance issue have to give up and enrolled him to Nearby CC.

    May I know how much u paying for the gym class for two days lesson?

  8. Cal_Kal

    Cal_Kal New Member

    Hi, Cubbie

    You're most welcome. I have never sent him to playgroup at My Gym. I just went there to ask and looked at the class from the outside. It's a bit far so I decided not to enroll him there. He went ther for gym class when he was 9-13 months once a week thou. Anyway, They said, for 2 days a week and 2 hours a day class is $660 for 2 months. If you want 4 days then that double price. Next step from playgroup is called Creative buddies which they recommended for my son, I think it's $570 per month but 3 days a week 3 hours a day. I'm not sure if different location sets a different price thou.

    Btw, may you please kindly share how was the Enrichment Classroom? What do you think about the school and teaching style? I saw they have a big screen to introduce the kids on some subjects. I'm not sure I like that Idea. Isn't it like letting them watch the TV indirectly? I really don't know.

    Thanks in advance.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2017
  9. poco

    poco Member

    Cai Jai and cubbie : Sorry for late reply, I was too busy and seldom view post.
    My boy was in My Gym @city Square.
    He enjoyed but some days I found bruises on his legs maybe he is too active.
    The Teachers were friendly and active maybe during lesson but feel they were not really show concern eg. will not call to ask why absence or during his last day.

    He seems to be too big to join the class as most of the children are quite young.So I have withdraw him.
  10. poco

    poco Member

    Cubbie, understand is frustrating and worry.
    How is your son now?

    My boy doesn’t talk a word at all till he was 1 week before his birthday he started to say 1 to 10 then gradually more words as he learns from iPad stories.

    He talks a lot now but still have not call mummy daddy or express himself much yet.
    I put him to a school base kindergarten as I hope he can learn more.
    But it doesn’t suit him at all as the children were so mature at his age.

    I’m searching for a school for him too. Will go few center to look around and update you.
    You can email me : poco@live.com.sg.
    We can meet up and let them interact with each other.

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