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Mummies in Tampines

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by xinzizu, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. xinzizu

    xinzizu Member

    Any mummy here staying at Tampines?

  2. judy_lsk

    judy_lsk Active Member

    me.. staying near SAFRA..
  3. augleo

    augleo Active Member

    me @St 82 [​IMG]
  4. catzeye

    catzeye New Member

    me staying at st 41...
  5. chersam

    chersam New Member

    Me stay near you... at St 43 [​IMG]
  6. cloudz

    cloudz Member

    hi mummies in tampines, just wanna share that Tollyjoy is having their warehouse sale from 21-23 Nov. 11am to 7pm @ 29 Changi South St 1. I just saw their warehouse banner. [​IMG]
  7. vt_kl

    vt_kl Member

    Hi Catzeye,

    I'm staying at St 41 one also... Which blk are you in?

    thks cloudz for ur info....
  8. priyanareshkumar

    priyanareshkumar New Member

    Hi all,

    I am a new mother of a 2 month old baby boy. I live in Tampines Street 73
  9. judy_lsk

    judy_lsk Active Member

    Any mummies here with toddlers in Metrolician YMCA childcare @ Tampines branch?
  10. vulnerable

    vulnerable Active Member

    hi mummies..
    i'm staying at st 91.. [​IMG]
    me.. mother of 1 and 1 more otw.. hee.. :D

    i've got another friend also mummy of 2..
    staying at st 40s...
  11. thejfamily

    thejfamily New Member

    hi mummies in tampines, do you know if the Church of Holy Trinity kindergarten is good?

    any feedback?
  12. judy_lsk

    judy_lsk Active Member

  13. tweetyng

    tweetyng New Member

    Hello any of u need to find a nanny ard Tampines? My aunt was a nanny last yr & now she's free bcoz the boy's mummy had employed a maid to help already. If interested, pls email to me @ smallbirdhui@hotmail.com.
  14. mummy3

    mummy3 New Member


    Me at Tampines Ave 9. Anyone of you have any good babysitter to recommend?

    Do email me at acjulie_ong@yahoo.com.sg
  15. jazzrain

    jazzrain New Member

    am staying st41, got 3 girls
  16. floppy9119

    floppy9119 New Member

    I'm staying at st42, also 3 girls. [​IMG]
  17. babywing78

    babywing78 Member

    u have to register ur child early for Church of Holy Trinity kindergarten ... else no vacancy
  18. dlai

    dlai New Member

    Hi mummies

    can join for disscusion??
  19. blessedcyn

    blessedcyn Member

    Hi, my baby girl is due in Oct!
    I am staying in Tamp Central!
  20. dlai

    dlai New Member

    Hi Blessedcyn,

    Congrat!! izzit ur 1st child?? My hse is @ tamp ave 4 bt i m staying with my mum @ bedok cos I need my mum help to look aft him
  21. blessedcyn

    blessedcyn Member

    Hi Taurus, Yeah, it is my first child! I am so excited!
  22. dlai

    dlai New Member

    Hi blessedcyn, u mus start pack ur clothes in a bag so once u hv labour pain u can take n go. should hospital u stayin??
  23. wsoftr

    wsoftr New Member

    Anyone has good nanny to recommend in Tampines St 83 area? Please email me at wsoftr@msn.com
    Thanks :D
  24. blessedcyn

    blessedcyn Member

    Any mummies on maternity leave now?
  25. nita99natalia

    nita99natalia New Member

    hi all i st 32
  26. atractivoperra

    atractivoperra New Member

    hi all.. me staying at st 41
  27. i_lovegreeneumma

    i_lovegreeneumma New Member

    <font color="119911">hihi mummies..
    newbie LOVEGREENEUMMA reporting here..i m a ftwm with 2 boys staying in Tampines..hope to learn and share as much with mummies here..cheers~</font>
  28. i_lovegreeneumma

    i_lovegreeneumma New Member

  29. yhanie_17

    yhanie_17 Member

    Staying at Tampines St 21
  30. strawberrys79

    strawberrys79 Member

    Hi mummies

    I've 2 boys, one 21 mths old and the other 2 mths old. We are staying at Tampines st 44. Also keen to look for playdates around the area for my elder boy. Anyone keen pls feel free to pm or drop me an email at bubs_bam_nyke@yahoo.com.
    I will become a sahm from feb 2011 onwards. [​IMG]
  31. lovinkae

    lovinkae New Member

    Hi strawberrys79! i'm a SAHM too, stayin at tamps st 22. i have a bb gal who's 5mo. she's born in oct 2010. shld be abt same age as ur younger boy??
    perhaps we can get acquainted? :D

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