Maid agencies to recommend


Hi! I'm looking to hire one helper urgently. Preferably from Indonesia! Anyone has good agency to recommend? The one I have CMI. :(

You can try this agency. Very reliable in terms of service. But ultimately maid wise is really your own choice and luck.

So far I got my maid from this agency, no problem. Recommended to friends and families also no negative feedback, you can try them.

Good luck!


Magnum Maid Agency
U can look for Vincent @ 64636388/9002 2450.. tell him that yun intro u..


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BEWARE!!! I received a transfer maid from Nanyang Employment Services Pte Ltd and to my horror and dismay, she brought in bed bugs into my home! It has truly been a nightmare because the bed bugs infested and spread to all 3 bedrooms. They bite us all and our children and the bites are many and unbearably itchy. Bites can be in clusters or straight lines. A hundred times worse than mosquitoes bites. No medicinal cream can relieve the itch and my boys scratch until skin bled. We have no choice but to engage pest controllers which cost almost to $1000 and thrown many belongings worth more than $1000 as well which were infested by bed bugs. We had many sleepless nights and the bed bugs have turned our house and lives upside down! Please be very careful when you hire maids because one female bed bug can lay 500 eggs in their lifetime. Maids unknowingly bring with them unwanted pests....most likely from the agency lodging :( Only responsible agencies would take measures to prevent and control bed bug infestations. IMG-1267.jpgIMG-1249.jpgIMG-1219.jpg